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What are we drinking?

      ~In the United States, the STEPHAN COMPANY of New Jersey
      is the only manufacturing company authorized by the Federal Government
      to import and process cocaine from the coca plant mainly from Peru
      and Bolivia. The STEPHAN COMPANY extracts cocaine from the
      coca leaves, which it sells to MALINCKRODT at St. Louis, Missouri
      pharmaceutical that is the only company licensed to purify cocaine
      for medical use.~ Wikipedia ..

      Aden rubbed his eyes in the glow of his computer screen.
      The Stephan Company was the processing plant for Coca~Cola.
      His contact in the FBI had hinted at a connection between Coke
      and the CIA drug smuggling. Aden felt his simple murder investigation
      was becoming a nightmare .. How could there be a cult in the intelligence
      community? And he had been dragged into it.

      A commercial for Coca~Cola droned over the television in the living room.
      His wife was watching the Presidential Debates. Benjamin Franklin was
      selling Coke. He held the classic glass bottle and swallowed the soda.
      Aden stretched his hands to the ceiling and sparks flew out his finger tips.
      The same lightning that his CIA operative had demonstrated.
      "I don't know who to vote for. They both seem to have no idea how to
      stop the bureaucracy." Elli said, standing in the doorway.
      "We still haven't found Helen Adams or the granite statue that crushed
      the limo driver; Margret Dozer." Aden answered with a yawn and hugged
      and kissed his wife. "I'm voting for whoever can audit the Federal Reserve"
      he added with a toothy smile; "and the Coca~Cola company."

      "Let's sleep on it." Elli smiled back and slowly rubbed his belly.
      They would solve their problems tomorrow. .

        to be continued...


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