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Phoenix is far behind in his studies and has two tests and an ECT next week...
Phoenix was worried.  Very worried.  It was Thursday.  Next Tuesday had had a test in Advanced Social Psychology.  Next Wednesday, Halloween, he had an ECT.  And the next day, Thursday, he had a Neuropharmacology test.  In the midst of all of that, he had to get his neuropharm lab done, find out if the VA had authorized the ECTs every two weeks yet, work on his thesis, and get his new class schedules to his doctor's secretary so that she could schedule his appointments.  He also failed to do the homework that the fill-in doctor had given him while his doctor was gone hunting for the week.  He had to drop off a letter about that, too.  Phoenix felt the pressure.  Real pressure.  The kind that was sure to make him sick.  Phoenix was coming off of medication, which was miserable in itself, but he was also trying to fit too much into his daily schedule and still not getting enough done.  There just was not enough time in the day to accomplish all that Phoenix needed to do.  Phoenix felt somehow responsible for that.  He should not have, but he did.  His life had a life of its own, and he found that all of the things that he had to get done were conspiring against him to make him fail at them all.  Phoenix had no intention of allowing that to happen, but intentions were fast becoming a trivial matter in the face of deadlines.

The day before, Phoenix had gone in and submitted a new plan of study for his Master of Science in Psychology degree.  Once that came back to the department with everyone's approval, he could submit his graduation application.  First, though, he had to submit his $50 and would likely forget to do that with everything else on his mind.  His advisor was not the most helpful fellow, but he tried.  Phoenix found himself, as always, doing his own legwork concerning the process of how to get all of this properly submitted on time.  That did not bother Phoenix particularly.  He was used to it.  He had to do it everywhere he went and with everything he did.  It had become "normal", if there was such a thing.  At the very least, it was the "usual" situation.

So...what did Phoenix have to do this morning?  Well, he had to drop off the schedule and the note to the fill-in doctor.  Then he had to call the VA case manager to find out if the authorization had gone through.  After that, he had to go to his first class of the morning and listen to a woman that he had a great distaste for give a presentation and then discuss the topic for the rest of class.  He next had to talk to his neuropharm professor about possibly taking the test on a different day, because taking a major exam the day after an ECT treatment was a bad idea in general.  He had not read his article for social psych, so that would be a painful class to finish the school day with, and then he would drop off his friend and go to the gym to complete his assignment with the fill-in doctor from the day before.  Phoenix was tired already.  Just the thought of all that exhausted him.  Sometime in there, he needed to talk to his neuropharm professor about his cat lab, but he had no idea when that would take place.  It might even have to take place tomorrow!  Every day was a day later, though.  It all depended on what happened with the rest of this stuff.  Life.  What a pleasure.  It truly was, Phoenix had decided, even though it was the most disorganized, mish-mashed thing there was.  One sure way to make sure that nothing went right was to make a plan.  Phoenix was wary of making plans, but he had a God who listened to prayer on his side.  Somehow, it would all work out.  It had to.
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