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What was is new again..

          Raven was a beautiful Mediterranean CIA agent. She liked to
    wear tight clothing with leather boots and a leather jacket if it was cold.
    But, her eyes were exceptionally iridescent blue. They appeared to glow.
    Aden knew now the reason for that glow.

                                        Raven was a witch.

    The entire CIA had been infiltrated by witches. How could he resist her
    offer of immortality? She would have killed him. Aden felt a quick meal
    would help clear his mind. He sat in Jason's Chunks, munching on his
    fries and haddock while sipping his cup of joe. It was 3:00am.

    "You look like you could use a friend." a slender blond girl said and sat
    down beside him. Aden cast a slow calculating gaze at her.
    "Shouldn't you be in bed?" he muttered.
    The girl giggled and sipped her Coke; "How old do you think I am?"
    "15 maybe 16." Aden was not amused. His entire career was turning to mud.
    "My name is Helen Adams. I am 93 years young." The girl giggled and took one
    of his fries.

            Aden sat back and looked at the smiling blond teenager.
    "I've been looking for you. Would you come with me downtown?" he said calmly.
    The girl ate some more of his fries and hopped off her stool.

                                  "Let's go see Raven!" she laughed.

    Aden and the girl stepped out of the restaurant to see Raven reclining on her
    Harley. She had told Aden she liked to feel the motor between her legs.
    Aden turned his gaze away in frustration and then looked over at Raven.
    "You knew all along?" he asked.
    "Yes. That's why I was asked to assist you. We didn't want any bad press."
    Raven took a sip of Aden's coffee; "Ew. No sugar?"
    Raven sipped Helen's Coke.

    "I still have to explain Margret Dozer's death!" Aden barked and threw his coffee
    in the barrel. "Hi!" another teenage girl popped up behind him.
    She had black hair and a pale complexion and was also quite cute.
    "Miss Dozer? I presume." Aden sighed and lit up his pipe.
    "I revived her." Raven answered with a toothy smile. Aden puffed as he held a
    match to the tobacco in his pipe. "Well, I guess the case is closed." he puffed.

    "Thank you Aden. I knew you were a team player.
    Would you like to join us for an evening?" Raven gave a Devilish grin.
    Aden rubbed his nose, "What can you tell me about the Coca~Cola company?"
    The three maids cackled.
    "Would you like to meet Lucifer?" Raven answered with a twinkle in her eyes.
    Aden shrugged and puffed, "Why not? Maybe he can explain this mess."
    The two teenagers hopped in the back of Aden's Dodge and Raven led the way
    on her Harley.

    to be continued... ..


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