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by GWhiz
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A short assignment, illustrating the difference between the objective and the subjective.
Objective Paragraph

Impersonal. Description without using "I", attempts to remove personal perspective.

The spider sat on the left side of its web, lightly bobbing, up and down in a soft breeze. A shadow passed over it, and it scurried into the funnel of silken threads in the center of its home. The sun reflected off its eight individual eyes from deep within the hole. The web itself was stretched across a foot-and-a-half diameter in the center of a bright green bush. It sparkled and glimmered in the light of the sun, but was so transparent it could be seen through.

Subjective Paragraph

Includes emotion, opinion, the personal perception of the one who is describing the moment.

Sunlight was everywhere, like rain from the heavens. It bathed the garden in warmth, its radiance the essence of life. Every creature was soaking in this gift, and I observed them as I slowly strolled along a crunching gravel path. My eyes casually scanned the serenity of the scene as a glinting sparkle revealed its self to me. I knelt down to get a better look at this glimmer, and nearly died of fright when I realized I was staring straight into the face of a horrible, giant, hairy brown spider! I’m pretty sure it was hissing at me as I recoiled faster than a speeding bullet.

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