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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Mythology · #1900126
The Bank of Clay...

          "For I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise
          up children to Abraham."(Luke 3:8) The beautiful voice spoke
          from behind a veil of silk curtains. Aden cleared his throat.
          He was in a wooded location that appeared to be an abandoned
          mine. Raven had lead him to a simple house with a mansard roof
          that had been built beside the cave.

          "Is there anything you would like to ask her?" Raven queried, looking
          directly at Aden. Aden looked about the well kept living room with
          French Napoleon furniture. "What is your name?" he asked, pulling
          out his cell phone camera. The veils fluttered as the apparition behind
          them raised her hands above her head.

                              "I am Helen. The mother of all the living."

          Aden snapped the pictures and put his cell phone on video record.
          "Are you responsible for the incident involving the President and his
          crushed limo?" he continued. The apparition appeared to levitate
          as a the ground rumble. Raven turned quickly to Aden, "Do not show
          any disrespect." Aden cleared his throat, "May I see you?"
          There was a sudden gust of wind in the room and the veils flew across
          the ceiling, landing on the green couch. Helen was beautiful and
          floating over the floor in a transparent pink lace nightgown.

          Aden checked his watch and cell phone video. They had both stopped.
          He reached into his jacket pocket and fumbled for a small compass.
          The compass arrow was spinning .. "There is a strong magnetic field."
          he said softly to Raven. The two teenage girls that had accompanied
          them flew up to Helen and kissed her passionately.

                            "Do you not know why I am here?"

          Helen's voice was soothing as she looked down at Aden from a radiant
          cloud of rose petals. Aden slowly answered, "I need to know."
          The floor shook again and the rumble was clearly coming from the mining
          tunnel. "Helen is the daughter of Zeus. My father is returning from his
          sleep in the underworld. You will witness his rise." the Goddess answered
          as she intertwined with the two vestal virgins in passionate embrace.
          "Is he Lucifer?" Aden asked.

          Helen broke off her love making and looked fiercely at Aden.
          "He is God! And he will set straight the wickedness of this world!"
          the Goddess voice cut through Aden like ice. He had not felt such fear
          in many years. There was a thunderous explosion that lit up the night sky.
          The mouth of the mine was on fire. Aden looked out through paned glass
          window and saw a man in golden robes walking through the flames and
          toward the house. Helen and her two vestal virgins flew about in a long
          circle around the ceiling singing. Raven laughed hysterically,
          "We maybe out of a job." and kissed Aden on the left side of his face.
          There were three knocks on the front door.

          Aden looked at Raven and calmly asked, "Should I let him in?"

          to be continued...
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