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An invention effects the world more than a scientist intends to....

Fred started to say or ask something, but I just shook my head.
          I never did totally understand what he meant till today. A vision of future? Well I can see it. Anyone who is in need of a body part can have a humaprosthesis and live happily ever after without any side effects.When humacyborg is invented everyone can be safe from all disasters and accidents.
         The world is going to end someday. That’s for sure. What we don’t know is just when it will happen, that’s all. Every human should have superpowers to withstand the coming distraction. A human being can be under water without breathing for almost one hour with the help of humacyborg. Humacyborg is nothing but a cyborg which again resembles human body parts with super powers and a next super version of humaprosthesis. Where can do almost all things a super hero can do and also survive after that without any difficulty. No more deaths by accidents, drowning, and no more fear of end of the world. That was my vision, a vision of safe future.
         But dad never did understand what I saw and I never understood what he told. Now it is balanced on both sides now.
         Suddenly the car stopped. Fred called me, pulling me back from my thoughts. He said “the patent for humaprosthesis is done and its production also started. Start working on the next version humacrbory and try to include as many features as possible. OK?” I hated when someone guided me what to do next, especially that too about what I need to invent. He should have known that much before. I raised my eyebrow and sighed heavily. "I work on what I want to but not on what your company needs next Fred. I’m not working in your company as a researcher, alright?”
         “Hey don’t be offended. I just heard when you talking to your dad. I sensed that you were upset about something so I was just encouraging you to do what you want to do. That’s it”, Fred said. I knew he didn't mean it that way, Of course not. But I was so irritated that I came out of me like this. Damn.
         “I know you didn't mean it Rob. It’s OK. Carry on. Take your time and think it over. Bye”
         “Yeah sure bye” I said.
         Fred was a very successful business man. He always knew what he did and did what he want. He and I shared a same vision to make people’s craziest dreams and fantasies come true. Fred’s company produced seventy two percent of world’s most advanced humanoids and supplied them to different parts all over the globe.
         He and I believed everyone has a right to dream and equal right to make it come true. He helps them to live their dreams.
         My father was a total different and complex mind set. He says a vision of future is a solution. Vision of future huh? Not a bad idea. Why just stopping at our imaginary vision why not just go and see the future?


By seeing the future, I can analyse the needs of future generations more correctly and moreover know how the end of the world is going to be and design the humacyborg to be resistant to that, so that humans can survive that coming end and find a new beginning.
         That’s what I told myself before starting work on the time machine. And i'm not wasting my time to prove myself to some crazy old man. I can fool others but not myself. I know that is a secondary reason. My first and foremost reason is my father.
         I always felt he knows better than me in my childhood, but even after me becoming a scientist I feel the same way. I want to know what he knew more than me.
         That day Fred called me many times during work. Of course I didn’t answer. Later at night I called him. He answered the call in the first ring only; maybe I worried him more than I thought. “Hello”, I said.
“You could have lifted my call at least once. I got so irritated by your voce mail”
“Hmm” I said
“I called many times a day just to hear that wonderful words you know!!?” he shouted sarcastically.
“Oh funny”, I said playing along.
“Not funny Rob. I was so worried about you. Yesterday you were so upset and today you didn’t answer my call. If you didn’t call now, I swear I would have come to your lab by tomorrow morning”
“Don’t you dare Fred, Never, Alright?” I hated if anyone came to my lab except me. My lab became a private part of me. Even though Fred is the one who initially financed it, he didn't have a chance to look at my lab till today.
“Yeah, okay. What’s going on over there?”
“Nothing just my work”
“On what?”
“Suspense. Have I ever told you what I’m working on before it’ tested Fred?”
         I am always insecure and unsure of what I do. So I don’t reveal it to anyone until it’s completely tested and successful. If not, it will just remain behind the walls of laboratory.
“Okay. But take care of yourself. Hum prosthesis’s sales are on all time high”
“Bye Fred” I sighed.
         I worked for almost 18 to 20 hours a day. I used to go to shopping weekly twice. Since my lab includes also a small area for living, I didn’t go to my house for days and days. Fred called almost everyday in the beginning and later his call’s frequency also decreased with time. It felt like relief not to have anyone calling. Though it didn’t bother me much before too.

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