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What will be the reaction of your loved ones, once you are dead?

The coffin lay

on the tiled floor

of the crematorium.

forlorn and withered

The lace and silk

adorns the body

pale and peeling like parchment.

Husband is at home

keeping company

to a lonely house.

No use over

spilt milk.

Life must go on

as it used to be.

Son and daughter

sit far from her

eagerly waiting

to finish things over.

Mourners observe time

to go home and

to resume their work

they have half done.

All wait

for a close relative

to come from far.

A car door opens.

A man gets out and

hurries to the coffin.

Mutters a few

comforting words

to the son, standing.

The hot fire

embraces the woman!

A sigh of relief

from the son!

Now he can resume

his theses writing!

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