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by brom21
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What could be worse than no candy on Halloween? See just how worse it can be.
Jesse was excited as he finishing his haunted house that he and his father John and Linda his mother had built in their home. Tthe yard was full of hanging ghosts, orange and blue lights, carved pumpkins and fake cob webs spread out over the trees. Soon children started to show up. Jesse was dressed as a goblin. They hid around corners waiting to scare the kids as they approached them while his parents were at the exit to give candy out of a large bag. A little boy stepped through the door. All he could see was a thick mist with flashing lights and sounds of groaning and screams. The child walked down a narrow hallway and immediately Jesse came around the corner.

“Grrr!” he said

“Ahhh!” the young boy shouted as he ran back through the entrance.

“No! You haven’t gone through the rest of the house!” Jesse called out.

His father came up from behind him. “That didn’t work out. Here, give this to that poor kid.” He said as he reached into a bag and gave candy to Jesse..

The kid under a tree crying. “I’m sorry. I didn't mean to scare you that bad. This is for you.” As soon as he was about to give the candy to the kid, a man stepped out wearing a black suit and a pair of sunglasses. He approached them. “I’m afraid I’ll have to confiscate that son.” said the man austerely. “All candy in the county has been recalled due to strange affects. I’ll also be taking any other sweets you may have.

John walked out. “Who are you? Are you some type of law agency?”

“Yes. I’m going to have to take that. The candy is potentially dangerous”

“Okay then. Jesse we don’t have a choice. Here sir. That’s it for Halloween. How unfortunate. Your mom bought all this candy for nothing ”

“Not so. The government has instructed to issue these.” The man pulled out a small vampire doll.

“A toy,” said Jesse as his mom walked out.

“What’s’ going on?” she said.

The man spoke. “We are confiscating all of the candy in the county for your own good. Instead, of you will be giving out these,” he said as he opened a briefcase full of Halloween figurines. “Here you go sir.” The man gave the briefcase to John.

“Linda was mad but held her piece and followed Jesse and John inside. Jesse spied kids approaching. “Hide!” Jesse said.

Three ghosts entered. Jesse popped from behind them and growled. “Grrr!”

The ghost’s screamed and ran down the hallway and John came at them from the side making them run outside where Linda gave them a figurine.

“Cool! Thanks!” one of them. Hours passed and Halloween night ended and one figurine was left; a little dragon. Everyone said goodnight and went to bed. Then Jesse heard a small clicking noise. He got up and turned on the lights and followed the sound into the kitchen. He jumped at what he saw and quickly got a bat out of a hall closet. When he came back it was gone. He feared for his parents and ran into their room. “Wake up. The figurine’s alive! The dragon; Is aw it walking on the kitchen!”

Suddenly, a red object streaked through the air into the room and perched on the bed post. It was the little dragon with its’ jaws gaping and its’ eyes glowing red. The eyes of the creature became brighter until a beam of shot out directly into Linda’s hazel eyes. She covered her face writhing about until she stopped, stood up straight and uncovered his eyes. They grew red as she made eye contact with John who then became like her. In a gargled voice she said “Come my son join us.”

Jesse turned around the other way as not to look at them in the eye. He ran outside and was shocked to see lines of children and adults with red eyes walking like zombies. He heard voice call to to him. “Jesse over here!”

It was one of his neighbors Rick wearing blue sunglasses who was in an ally. ‘”Put these on.” He said as he gave Jesse a pair of glasses. “Now you can look at them in the eyes. To return this town back to itself, we have to destroy the master figurine. This way,” Rick said as he got into a red truck.

“You can’t drive!”

“Get in!”

Jesse got in and Rick floored it to the Town Hall.

“A man in a doctor’s coat gave these to me.” Rick showed Jesse a box of blue glasses. “ He ranted on about the government searching for a way to use mind control. These figurines are genetically engineered from small animals. He then said where to find the master organism when the time came. ”

Finally they made it to a metal door in the building that had a round indentation. Rick pulled out the silver sphere and put it into it and the door opened. They looked at the most vile thing they had ever seen, I gigantic spider!

“To kill it we must make it eat sweets,” said Rick. H got out a piece of candy corn out of his pocket and put it on the ground and poured a vile of blue serum causing the candy to grow until it was the size of them. The horrid creature lunged at them baring its’ fangs and just before it was about to devour Rick, he jumped out of the way and the spider bit the candy. It fell on its’ back and convulsed until it stopped moving.

“Come on I hoped this worked,” said Jesse. Outside they were relieved to see the glow no longer I their eyes. Jesse returned home to see his parents in their right minds but strangely neither of them remember what happened. Jesse didn't care. He was just glad to have them back.

Word count:1,000

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