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An invention effects the world more than a scientist intends to....

After 2 years
Time machine was ready to be tested. It was ready before two days itself, but I was just taking time to test it. I didn't get a haircut in the past 2 years. So for obvious reasons I would look more like a missing early man, than a scientist if I go to the future.

That’s what I said myself for delaying the testing. But actually I needed some time to prepare mentally for the future. Everyday before testing I dreamed of future day and night. And I was afraid I would be disappointed if future is not in the way I imagined it. Finally that fear and impatience took my decision. I decided to test it on the third day morning itself.

But which year would I go? 15 years ahead seemed like a reasonable time. My time machine looked like a huge car. It is purposefully designed in a car like shape, so that people will not recognize it in the future. I sat in the time machine. My hands were shaking. Okay now enough with the thoughts, it’s time to start the action. I set the year 15 years ahead and turned the machine on.

After the time machine stopped, I opened the door and saw what I wished would be future. I looked around the place. Everything I looked was of metal or plastic. No trees or plants!? Okay may be this is not a surprise. I kind of expected this much before. My eyes were filled with wonder and fear.

Temperature was relatively low. Everything was so much sophisticated, of course. Vehicles were moving in a blur and people were walking at average speed of 30 mph. Not everyone but most of them. It must be so easy to move from one place to another in this way. Everyone had black dresses on. Is it any special day? I don’t know. I was already wearing a black dress myself by coincidence.

Before going any further I first need to park my time machine somewhere safe. Time machine looking like a car is an advantage here. I walked toward the building and asked the humanoid about the parking facilities. I parked my machine safely. I came out and started to wander around. A huge cylinder is present in every street for every 100 to 150 meters. From the way they function they must be air purifiers. Air purifiers for every 100 to 150 meters!? This is a disaster.

I saw a central library building and went in to check the books of future. But what I saw is totally different. People are sitting there and reading e books on the screens seriously. But where are the books for god sake?! I went to the reception and asked where can I find books. She showed me the screens.

“No not e book, real books?” I said.
She stared at me like I was a terrorist asking for weapon. I tried to smile back. She adjusted her expression.
” the books are in the museum section of the library towards the right corridor” she said.

I went to the museum section, and saw books stacked in neat piles and covered by a glass. No more reading from books? Just reading e books? That’s not that bad, but just weird. I touched the glass in wonder. The glass displayed “cannot detect a pen”. Oh it’s not a glass, it’s a screen. But what did it mean by the pen. I tried to observe other people over there
Wait, did I just see someone familiar. I turned back eagerly. There she was the reporter from my last press conference. She looked just as beautiful like the last time. She’s wearing the same black dress as everyone else. She saw in my direction once and walked toward me. Did she recognize me? I don’t know. I was just lost in the beauty and grace of her walk.

She came to me and said,” excuse me?”
“Huh?” I blurted out.
“Can you please move aside?”
“Yeah sure”, I said moving aside.
She took a pen from her pocket and placed it on the glass pointing a book.
The glass showed, “pen detected, transferring book” after 2 seconds the glass showed,” transfer complete”
She took her pen back and started walking.
“Hello. My name is Robert Cruz” I said.
She was startled that much was easy to tell from her dark blue eyes.
“Oh hello I’m Sarah Jane” she said, smiling. Wow. How is it possible to be even more beautiful than she already is? And she has dimples on her cheeks while smiling! She didn't wear any make up. She just left her hair to flow.

“I’m new to the city”, to the future,”Can you please help me to get to a hotel?”
“Yeah sure”, she said with a confused look on her face. We came out of the library. She was walking too fast. I was almost half running to keep my pace with her. She saw my trouble and slowed down a bit.

“So you are an original?”
“Guess so. But what does it actually mean though?” I hope it’s not a blunder mistake not to know about what is actually meant by original.
“I mean with all original body parts and all that” she explained with a disapproving look.
“Yeah, I didn't have any need to replace any part of mine, till today. Just healthy as a horse”, I declared with a smug smile.
         She laughed. Her laugh rang like a bell in my ears, soft and sharp at the same time. “Who needs ill health to have a Humacyborg on them now a day?”
         What does that mean? She continued saying,” if one can afford one, can have one. That’s it. And moreover you need them to protect yourself too right?”
         “Protect? Is the end of the world soon enough?” I knew it would be soon but not just after 15 to 20 years.
         She stopped walking and looked at me incredibly and said, “Not funny, you need to protect yourself from the super humans”. She almost whimpered the last words.
“Yeah, I’m sorry”, I said. It’s impossible not to notice the fear and sorrow in her voice. I wanted to comfort her but didn't know how. I hated it what made her sad, whatever it is.
“This is the hotel”, she said blankly.
“Thank you”, I said. I want to have her number or her address so that I can contact her again. But knowing me I can never do that though. I sighed.
“Can we meet again some time?” I asked, sensing this is the last chance I would get.
She smiled expecting this question,” we can meet tomorrow at the library at the same time”.
“Okay. Thank you for the help”
She turned and started walking at almost 20 mph. I stared for a long time after she left.
I went to the hotel and took a luxury room. As soon as I came to my room I took a bath and dressed in night clothes. The wardrobe in the hotel also has black suits stacked in it. I switched on the micro computer and searched on internet for every question I had today. Glad the answers were coming fast. Black suits were used to act as black bodies so that it would absorb the available sunlight and keep us warm. The temperatures are always relatively low than past due to adverse global warming. Air purifiers I saw today also include electric poles, telephone towers, secret cameras, black body etc.., so it is a multipurpose machine.

And now comes the most important question- what is meant by super humans? Super humans are the humans using most advanced versions of humacyborgs . And because of that Sarah would feel bad, but why? Net is full of stories about humacyborgs and their sales, advantages and disadvantages. By seeing the effects of disadvantages much before, I can try to prevent them as much as possible while inventing. Today almost every crime has super human in it. Humacyborg gave all the super powers to humans just as I wanted it to be. I never I thought that would be misused in this wide range. Bulletproof, fireproof, high speed humacyborgs are strengthening the bad in the world more than the good.

At this moment I understood what my father said completely. But is it too late? This is not the perfect time for being alone. I searched in net for Sarah Jane, the reporter. Her address was mentioned on the net. It was nearby my hotel only. So I went to her place without any second thoughts. But when I reached her house, I had many second thoughts though.

I took a deep breath and stood at the entrance. A bell rang automatically. Sarah appeared on the screen on the door. She opened the door and scowled at me. I welcomed myself in. she just stood at the entry. I just looked back.

” what’s the matter with humacyborgs and you? What happened?” I asked.
She sat down opposite to me and said.” I had only one family member, my brother. He worked at Fred’s technologies. He had the dream of having a most advanced humacyborg for himself. He got what he wanted. But once he got that he is not the same person anymore. He has changed completely. But never got satisfied by the money he had. So he started robbing the world. His greed blinded him. He is no more the person I've known and loved” She started crying.

I took her in my arms and comforted her. I expected her to rebuff but she didn't. That surprised me. But I simply just care. She pulled away and said,” so what are you doing here, scientist?” She said

“Wait how did you know I’m a..”, my voice trailed off to silence.
“I’m a reporter. I recognized you the first time I saw you. I know you time traveled too.I know one more thing you don’t know too”
“Wait how did you know that I time traveled?”
“Because it is impossible for a dead person to come back”
“You died four years ago” she said quietly.
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