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I bore through the Cosmos while daring to dream...

I bore through the Cosmos
While daring to dream
Of vampires and demons that endlessly scream

Much like my hot mind
Deep-fried and too spent
From dawn to dusk tasking my trade on cement

My thin mate, he watches
My tips they so itch
To grasp him and twirl and to swirl in our niche

"Be patient, dear one
Your time shall soon come
Take heed not to poison your gift with thoughts glum"

I see and I hear
And I happily obey
Turn back to my post now, 'tis time to survey

But my toes yearn to drop
From wind chills that singe
From Aradia's broom that makes gargoyles cringe

"My greetings, dear sister
How goes the good night?
I see you are poised to head off to the fight"

"You misjudge, O Wise One
I humbly toil
At man's most beloved illusion, his soil"

"But nay, you ignore
What faces you yet
A lifetime of misery and torturous regret

"If they are abandoned
Your eyes will soon die
The pen and the paper must not be a lie"

"I beg of thee, Wise One
Reveal me the path
What must I do to avoid the Cosmos' wrath?"

"Abstain from that which
Your heart aches to retire
Lest deep down you secretly pray to expire

"So go thee with ink
And fine ribbons of reverie
Decry to thy soul to be banished of ennui"

Her broom slapped my cheek
And left crimson my skin
"The trials and battles are ever within"

The Beautiful Aradia...
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