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its about my mother who never leave me, i wanted to show her how much i love her
I can't forget the woman,
Who give birth to me
Her sweet caress by touching me
While i'm still in her womb

The lullaby she keeps on singing
And the hymn of her
I still remember,
I cannot forget those times

The days that she made me laugh
The kisses that she gave to me
The hands she lend me,
When i'm in deep trouble and sadness

Those memories will stay
Stay in my heart and mind
When she became my inspiration,
Inspiration in fulfilling my dreams

Now that i'm old enough
The love, joy, and care she gave
When i' still a child
I want to give it back to her

I want to take care of her
As what she was like to be,
As a mother
Of the child, me.
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