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Tonight's the night for Mr pumpkinface! ;)
Mr Pumpkinface

I carried him home from the grocers –
He weighed a ton.
Dumped him
On the kitchen counter –
This should be fun!

Three different knives to
Hack off his hat –
And oops!
A bit of finger
Went off with that!

Gouged out his
Seedy innards
To make enough space –
My grand ideas,
For Mr Pumpkinface!

When I have finished
Throw his bits in a pot;
Onion, garlic
Pepper, salt –
A pumpkin soup that’s what!

Now for the difficult bit,
Carving out his eyes
Think they look
A little scary –
After several  tries…..

Fifteen minutes later
Mouth and nose appear
A tea light
In his hollowed head
Invokes a bit of fear!

I carry him out of the kitchen
He looks a sight!
Set him on the window ledge
Where he stares
In to the night….

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