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Ex nihilo nihil fit
        "Have you ever wonder where the soul is?" Zeus remarked while
    reclining on the couch with a glass of red wine. Aden looked at the
    bearded Greek man in disbelief. He did not appear to be heroic, but
    was bald and portly. "Ah-I don't think the soul exists. We have brains
    and that's it for our spirituality." Aden's voice trembled. He sensed
    a power within Zeus.

        Zeus sighed, "The philosophers have had their way for too long.
    Listen closely the soul is not brains or any part of the body, it is me.
    It is my spirit in all my creatures. You can sense that?" Zeus spread
    some Velveeta over a cracker and washed it down with his wine.
    Aden suppressed a smirk, "At death the soul loses control completely
    and is no longer able to perform the actions it was naturally born to do.
    It ceases to exist."

        Zeus laughed and the house shook. He stood up and brushed the
    cracker crumbs off his potbelly. Aden felt himself leave his body.
    He floated outside the house and up into the night sky. He could not
    see his body or feel it, but he felt connected to every living thing.
    Zeus voice spoke like thunder, "You see and yet you do not see.
    The time will come for every mortal to ride the wind. And will you call
    it madness?" Aden shuddered as he returned to his body.

    "And Jesus walked into Hell to save the just, who had not known him."
    Aden said these words without any thought to how they would be received.
    His father had spoke these same words at his mother's wake.
    "Your strict Scot Presbyterian up bringing?" Raven said and rubbed Aden's back.
    "I am a Molloy." Aden answered and sat down.
    Zeus made a gesture over his face and transformed into the image of Jesus.
    "Now am I your savior?" Zeus made a toothy smile and levitated.
    "I honestly can't say. I suppose the proof will be in your deeds." Aden
    responded with a vacant stare.

    Zeus laughed, "Now you are my judge?"

    to be continued... .

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