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Bonnie awakes to a strange visitor
Bonnie’s eyes popped open as a gasp escaped her lips. Startled from a sound sleep only to find eyes staring back at her, a face close to hers in the dark, so close she could only focus on the eyes. Her heart thumped loudly as her sleep addled mind tried to comprehend. The eyes slid slowly away from her, a face gradually taking shape as the stranger backed away. The room so dark the person appeared as only a shape, darker than the shadows of the night, but vague in detail. Bonnie stared, open mouthed, as the stranger stood upright. The eyes were only black holes now, dark and foreboding, as the person gained his/her full height. It, this ghostly shape in the night, continued to back away, so smoothly and slowly, it seemed to glide as it backed into the drapes. Its body blended with the shadows of the black curtains as if it was melting into them, slowly becoming one. The face, the last to disappear, the eyes staring at her, as it gradually vanished. Regaining her senses she quickly turned on the light next to the bed only to find that she was alone in the room. Desperately she searched the room, no one. Looking at the clock she saw that it was 4:41 in the morning. She lay back down leaving the light on, thinking about what she had just seen. The eyes, she could not remember what they had looked like now, but she knew that she had seen them, she knew they were the key, the answer as to who had just come to see her. Moments later the phone rang. Bonnie looked at it and knew in her heart that she didn’t want to answer it.
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