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Phoenix decides he needs braces for his knees and ankle due to old military injuries...
Phoenix was tired the day after his ECT treatment.  He did, however, need to go to the VA and give the crisis case manager the bill he had received from the hospital a few days before that was not his to pay.  The crisis case manager had done a wonderful job a few days before in getting his ECT treatment approved.  The whole medical team came together and Phoenix found his authorization to read that he had the go ahead for ECT treatments twice a month for a year as a result.  He was extremely pleased about that.  His spouse drove him to the VA to find all of this out and to give the bill from the hospital to the crisis case manager.  She called back shortly and left a message for Phoenix that the $400 remaining on the bill was likely the hospital's error, and that she would be in touch.  That was a relief.

Phoenix and his spouse decided to go home, but then out again because his spouse wanted to go to K-Mart.  Phoenix mentioned that he needed to go to the sports supply store and get braces for his knee and ankle.  The ankle was an old military injury and he normally got his ankle braces from the VA.  His was fast falling apart, though, so he decided to try a new style in the meantime while he waited for his next appointment to get another ankle brace from the VA provider.  The knee brace?  Well, his ankle injury forced him to walk differently than he would otherwise, and his knee was finally beginning to feel the altered gait after almost 14 years.  He needed something to keep his kneecap in place.  Fortunately, the first sports store they stopped at had what Phoenix needed.  He tried on and adjusted both of the braces as soon as he got home and wore them around for a while to make sure they were going to work out.  The verdict has not yet been determined, but it looks good on both so far...

Phoenix had been wearing a sweater all day thus far because he did not want people to see his arms.  The poor nurse, bless her soul, could not get the IV in for the ECT treatment the day before and Phoenix ended up with bruises that made him look like an IV drug user!  In all, he got poked three times, but he did not hold it against them.  Phoenix had taken a phlebotomy class a while back and he knew how difficult veins could be.  He just did not want to explain that to everyone who walked by him that next day.
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