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Politics is for rabbits.
          I was flipping through the channels and there was
          George Lucas talking about selling his film company
          to Disney. Merger after merger is leaving few independent
          film makers. And this limits creativity.

          When is the last time you've seen a naked woman at the theater;
          not sitting next to you, but on the screen?
          The whole movie experience has been downsized.
          I saw Star Wars at Cinema 57 in Boston. There were balcony seats
          and a curtain opened as the movie began.
          The speakers made the seats rumble as the Millennium Falcon roared
          over the huge screen. It was jaw dropping imagery.
          I recently viewed The Avengers in a tiny theater which smelled like cheese.
          The experience was as fun as watching Dancing with the (has-beens)
          on my tele. I should have waited for it to come out on Red Box($1.50).

          Both Obama and Romney have to accept the limitations of an
          over 16 trillion dollar debt.
          There isn't much you can do if you have no money.
          The multiplex theater is an economical answer to a shrinking theater
          going audience. The result is a bland tiny movie box.

          If you write Muzzy in on your ballot you will be sending a message
          to the puppet masters.

                                    We are not sheep!

          I assure you, if I were elected president I will do nothing.
          My goal is less is more!
          There should be more naked women!
          Why is this illegal? Are we ashamed of our naked women?
          If we fight a war let's take all the stuff from the people we conquer.
          And let us have their women naked!
          Iraq was suppose to have weapons of mass destruction and the oil
          was suppose to lower the prices at our gas pump.
          There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; except for our own
          and where is the cheep gas?

                                  Iraqi women are cute.
                                  Let's get them naked!

          Come on! We're a superpower!
          The Iraqi war costs 1 billion dollars a day.
          That's Army, Air Force and gas to fuel it.
          How much does an aircraft carrier cost to fuel?
          Why can't we take some cute Iraqi women and make a nude
          calendar to pay off some of it?
          My dad had a NAZI calendar of half naked NAZI women .
          He picked it up in Berlin after WWII!
          The Germans always pay their debts!
          Jesus Christ we've spent billions on rebuilding what we blew up!

          Okay, so I'm talking Old Testament enslavement as tribute.
          Was not this country founded on Bible law?
          I'm sure an attractive Iraqi woman would bring a good price on e-bay.
          The national debt would be payed !
          Invade countries and take their stuff and enslave their people,
          especially the cute women. They should be naked ..

          So, don't forget to write Muzzy in on your ballot.
          I will do nothing except take other countries stuff for you,
          especially their cute naked women.

          Muzzy for Emperor!

          $ $

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