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by Macy
Rated: E · Draft · Death · #1901393
It's a rough draft of 2 chapters, I need your help. It's my first time to write a book.
        You should never take someone in your life for granted. Each person you met contributed to who you are now. Cherish the moment you spend with them, especially the ones who are very important in your life. Tell them what you want to tell them, show them how you feel while you still can. Don’t be afraid to fall in love, be happy and learn to appreciate things even on the simplest of forms. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes for in that mistake you will learn, learn to accept failure. Enjoy life to its fullest. Never regret anything you did in your life, some of those unlikely circumstances brought you so much joy. Remember that once death is there, you can never go back and all that is left for you do to is to regret.


Mikhail is almost there to reach her dreams of having a successful restaurant that she dreamt of since she was 12. At age 29, single, pretty, a soon-to-be successful businesswoman, with her family and friends she feels like there’s nothing more she can ask for. She doesn’t believe that having someone romantically involved with will complete her life. It’s been 10 years since her last boyfriend. She dedicated her time on fulfilling her dreams. Having her friends and family around her seems to complete the missing puzzle in her life but she knows that on time they will all go on their separate lives especially her friends when it’s time for them to get married but insist to herself that it will be years from now and she will have plenty of time to prepare.
Today, she and her friends will go out for their reunion which they celebrate every year whenever all of them are free. She then decided to call her mom who is now on a cruise trip around Asia with her father and brother.“Hey Mom! What’s up? I just called to say I miss you. I’m going out tonight to see Bella and the others. Ella just came from London too.” she told her mom as soon as she answers the phone.
“Don’t drink and drive. Maybe while you’re out you can find someone to be your boyfriend. Say hi to them for me.”
“Whatever, as if I could find someone nice in a bar while drunk. Well good luck where it will end up. Anyway, I won’t drive Jen will pick me up at around 9pm.” She doesn’t wait for her mom to reply and pressed the end button and thought that maybe calling her mom just before she leave is a bad idea. She is not fond of talking about boyfriends especially with her mom. By 7 she started to get ready. She decided to wear a very sexy black above the knee heart shaped tube dress paired with a 4 inches heeled red peep toe sandals, red clutch bag, smokey eye makeup, pinkish lips and a little bit curly hair at the end. Admiring herself for almost 10 minutes making different poses and smiles on the mirror before she is finally convinced about her look.

While waiting for Jen she didn’t know what popped in her mind and suddenly thought of how many years have passed since college and how they all become successful on their chosen careers and running their businesses. Jen is taking classes in Law and wants to follow her grandmother’s footstep of becoming a mayor. Bella used her long legs and became a model. Ixie with her talent in writing became an editor-in-chief of one of the top magazines in LA. Ella followed her boyfriend and is now the head nurse in a 5 star hospital in London even in such a young age and co-own the pizzeria with her boyfriend. Drich owned a top of the line bar also in LA and is taking his specialization in surgery after passing the medical board. Nicholas owned his own top of the line gym frequently visited by actor and actresses around Beverly Hills. Eric who is still Ixie’s boyfriend succeeded his father of becoming the CEO of the company is father co-owned. Vincent who is a huge fan of cars, now owns his own company specializing in cars that are used for racing.

*Beep Beep*
It’s Jen’s car and a text message popped out from her cell. “Are you still NOT ready?!”
With a smile on her face she hit reply, “I almost fell asleep waiting for you. ;)” then rushed out the door. Jen gestured for her to seat in front.
“Oh, Baby! Define hot!” Jen said then winked her eye.
“Not as hot as you! ” replied a grinning Mikhail.
“Ew, stop grossing me out. Get a room!” from a shouting voice at the back seat and she didn’t notice that Bella’s there lying on the seat almost about to fall asleep.
“Lack of sleep again huh? Sex night? Maybe you just have to stay at home and sleep all through the night.” Mikhail jokingly said while turning around to wink at Bella and she replied with a hard slap on Mikhail’s arms.
“How nice of you to say you miss me.” Mikhail said while rubbing her now red arms. Jen pulled away from her house and on their way to pick up Ella. They decided just to use one car so they call all chat while still in the car. After picking up almost everyone they decided to go to the bar which Drich co-owned with his girlfriend Maggie. They were ushered to the biggest VIP room by one of the hunky waiters.


“Cheers!” said Jen while holding a drink in her hand. “It’s been a long time since I last saw your ugly faces again.” She continued.
“Yeah, and It’s been a long time since I last saw your effing hot body.” Said Bella who is now model.
“Shut up!” she replied back and drank the tequila. Laughter follows and the other toast their drinks.
“Nice bar you have here Drich! I heard from Maggie that one of the top magazines here in LA will feature your club as a new hot spot.”
“Thanks to Ixie for being the director the company that owns the magazine.” Drich grinned at Ixie.
“May I ask where’s Maggie?” Ixie asked Drich.
“She told me to come and enjoy the night with you guys and decided to pass the night out.” He replied with a smile. They knew Maggie for almost 5 years now since he introduced her to them and became a good friend of theirs.
“So what’s new with you guys?” Ella asked.
“Nothing much, I just want you to know my gym is still the top in Beverly Hills. So you didn’t miss a lot since you went to London to be with your chef boyfriend.” Nicholas teasingly said.
“Anymore nice news except for that dickhead?” she replied back arching an eyebrow and throwing a piece of ice at him.
“What’s that for?” replied Nicholas while flexing his toned biceps.
“Well, I guess Eric here have something to say.” Vincent said and looked at Eric. Everyone in the room looked at Eric who just said “I don’t know, Maybe Ixie have.” The eyes then moved to Ixie who just put her left hand in her mouth and said “I.. I have?”
That’s when they all notice that Ixie is wearing an engagement ring. Everyone in the room so thrilled for the two of their dear friends about the engagement. The couple then found themselves asking many questions by the group regarding on how he proposed, when they plan to get married and many more. Mikhail is happy for them but she suddenly felt something aching in her heart. She is the only one among her set of friends not to have a lover. She then felt being elbowed by Ella and asked if she’s okay.

“We should party hard because of that! So let’s just go to our guest house and move the party up there. We can have more drinks and food there. Not that we’re enjoying here Drich. I just want to be all alone with you guys. I missed you guys a lot. I’ll tell Emma to buy and order some food.” Said Jen.
“No problem I also want to visit your “humble abode” again.” He said smilingly while quoting his fingers. The group always enjoys visiting their rest house, it have a nice view of the city and Emma her personal assistant, as Jen uses to refer to her, is always so accommodating and helpful. All agreed to join and by 12am they find themselves leaving the bar. Before heading to that car they argued who will drive and if they can all fit in there. After a much deliberated debated, Jen decided to drive her own truck, since it’s too big to be called a car and tells that she is sober enough to drive. She didn’t even drink that much because she is really planning to invite the group to their house. They all manage to fit even if they all look like sardines. Bella and Mikhial sit on the front since they are the ones who can only fit there.
“Is it me or your butt is getting big?” Mikhail teased. Bella is occupying almost ¾ of the seat and she is almost hugging the dashboard.
“It’s just you, so just accept it.” She replied with a laugh and grinned at Mikhail.

They started to drive to the house. Jen picks out a cigarette and about to light it when her lighter fell, she put the car on a break and reached for it under her seat. Bella and Mikhail are also busy looking for the lighter then suddenly someone shouted from the back and when Mikhail lift her head up she saw a bright light.
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