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This is about a sister trying to hunt food for her sick brother. Will they finally eat?
Note I have not written on this site in months, so please be aware of mistakes!

Irisa padded on along the river bank, sniffing the air a few times. She could scent nothing but the tangy bushes and trees. Abruptly, she swung around, her gaze meeting her small brother's. His name was Ethelred, he was scrawny and his fur was patched up in places.

"You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Irisa snapped, anger flaring from her chest. She could feel her muscles tensing, and she suddenly felt embarrassed."Sorry, you just startled me. Are you okay, Ethelred?" Her brother nodded slowly, then innocently pawed his nose.

"Where are we going again?"he moaned. He was obviously starving and he was ill.. extremely ill. Irisa could barely glance at him without sympathy clouding her eyes. She explained once more that they were going towards the large mountains where there were rivers, full of tasty fish. Ethelred didn't nod, and she could understand why.

"Climb on my back," she heard herself mumble. Irisa might have been Ethelred's sister, but she was born much earlier. She was born in her mother's first litter while Ethelred was born in her second litter. They had been separated long ago, but now they had reunited. Except for the fact Ethelred was sick. He had been getting weaker and weaker, until finally you could make out his ribs. They hadn't eaten in what seemed like years.

Finally, Irisa halted. Sniffing the air again, she closed her eyes in relief. "A river a river! Full of fish! Stuffed with fish!" she exclaimed. "Come on! Climb on quickly!" She used her muzzle to help guide Ethelred up her back, and immediately she drove forward. Irisa went as fast as she could, even with the extra weight on her back.

She found herself standing in a sunny clearing with a lake jutting through a mountain peak. Yes! Thank you, bear spirits! They had finally found a meal, but the tricky part now was to catch the prey. Ethelred slid off her back carefully, and laid himself out on a warm rock. "You rest there, I'll try and catch us the fish."

"Catch the biggest, most delicious one you can! Like from your stories!" Irisa nodded, and leaned towards the cool water, staring so hard her eyes started to play tricks on her. But, eventually, a fish plopped right up into the air, and with mighty speed Irisa leaped forwards, ignoring the hunger clawing from her stomach. She dug her claws into the fish to keep a tight grip, and relaxed as she returned wet to the shore.

"Wow! That was amazing!" Irisa grinned, and passed over the fish. Her soft brown fur was starting to feel stuck to her after becoming wet, but she was so relieved to finally devour something.
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