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Crazy like a fox

        Richard Mourdock owns FOX News.
        He has publicly stated that a women who has been raped
        should not have the right to an abortion.
        Let's consider the ramification of such a policy.
        The police would monitor rape births.
        If necessary rape victims would be arrested for illegal abortions.

        Fox News has beautiful female reporters.
        Do they all agree with the owner's opinion on abortion?
        What happens to a Fox reporter who disagrees with
        Richard Mourdock?

        It is one of the imbecilities of broadcast journalism,
        that all employees must agree with the Network's owners.
        What if Richard Mourdock is wrong?
        Maybe, a rape victim should have the right to an abortion.
        Think of how this law would affect the upbringing of unwanted children.

        Mr. Mourdock thinks he is conservative, but only a socialist
        would control the reproductive rights of women.
        True conservatives believe in the right to choose.
        Think of all the poverty and overpopulation abortions could solve.
        Is this not sound fiscal thinking?

        I cannot imagine why a conservative would want more
        welfare moms ..
        Poverty and population density lead to a rising crime rate.
        This is basic social economics.
        I can't see why Mr. Mourdock is opposed to this conservative logic.

        Just my two cents.

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