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Reflecting on the past year
November!  My month.  A time to reflect and to look backward and forward in my life.  It is my time to plan and make changes (clean my house, too, if I can get some help) in my life. 

So far, I have renewed my license, planned my retreat, invited a few close people in my life, started packing, and paid bills.  It is also my time of the year to STOP and smell the rose/coffee and see some of the beautiful things in life.  So often, we are caught up in the throes of the moment that we forget why we work and work become all we are and how we define ourselves. 

We are glued to our cell phones, even at the dinner table (if we still sit at one to eat).  Texting while driving or talking on the cell phone is the new normal.  November gives me something to look forward to -- a time to myself -- a time out of the limelight -- a time away from work -- a time to ignore ALL phones -- a time to do absolutely nothing, if I choose -- a time to catch up with friends and their lives -- a time to see nature up close and personal -- a time to rejuvenate -- a time to make new resolutions about me, my life and my health.  Reflecting back over the past year, I have made some progress on growing up. 

I have found some new freedoms.  I have started a healing process that has allowed me more freedom than I have had since taking on the role of motherhood, businesswoman, politician, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, niece, and a host of other titles that define me every day.
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