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by Ren
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #1901748
contemplative questioning
Is it okay to love you?
At times you make
me feel as though
you want me to
fall for you this hard.

When I revealed
my love for you,
however, it was
never spoken about
again, and that
frightens me so
much it's all I can
think about at night.

Yet every time I
begin to pull
away and save
my heart from the
possible hurt you
manage to sweep
me off my feet
all over again.

You keep your
heart so hidden
from everything that
it's hard for me
to break through.

I want to make
you happy, to
show you that
you are loved
and that I'm here
to lean on when
you need me.

So is it okay
to love you?
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