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A story about how a little humility and cunning can go along way.
The head care taker walked through the stone hallway with a cloth polishing the standing armor that was the along the sides of the walls. At the end of the hallway were double doors made of iron. He took the cloth and cleaned the smooth, cold handles.

A man approached him from behind. “Kelleth, you’ve been doing tasks since dawn. Go to your room and rest a while,” he said.

“Thank you Nobleman Thylus, I will,” Kelleth said.

“You deserve it. The king wishes to reward you for your work and your responsibility over the other servants and care takers. All these years you’ve toiled so much with no recognition. Come to the royal hall at sundown.”

“I will, Nobleman, but what of the other servants who serve under me?” said Kelleth.

“The king has not addressed that. If it is your wish, I believe he will reward them as well.”

“Thank you Nobleman. I’ll be heading to my chamber now.”

Kelleth bowed and walked passed him in the direction of his room. The simple man was humbled to be receiving a reward. He had the mentality of a knight. Serving was its own honor. After turning left, he entered a wicker door. It led to the servant’s and caretaker’s wing. Inside, there was a large square, windowed chamber with many beds, small dressers, night stands; all made of wood. People bustled about while others were laying down. Kelleth, not wishing to be praised, planned to give whatever he would receive to the rest of the caretakers and say it was for everyone. He went to his bed and relaxed under the soft, cool blankets. He looked out a window and saw the sun creeping lower and lower. In three hours he would go to meet the king. Time went by quickly and Kelleth got up and made his way to the royal hall. The two guards that kept the entrance to king’s throne room saw him coming and they opened an impressive door with splendid engraved artwork.

“Congratulations caretaker Kelleth, the king waits inside,” the one on the right said.

Then Kelleth felt anxious as the reality of the moment sank when he saw the beautiful chamber. Huge golden pillars lined the long blue and red striped carpet. Chandeliers with candles made a dazzling display on clear crystal surfaces as it hanged high from the vaulted ceilings. Then he saw the most amazing sight of all; the king himself. It was Lord Braum siting on his throne surrounded by the royal court members. Kelleth came before him and knelt. The grand ruler raised his voice and addressed the assembly.

“This day we honor the man who maintains our clean and wonderful castle, making it the envy of all the kingdoms. Today Kelleth you are no longer a servant and caretaker, but an official freeman of the royal court.”

Everyone applauded. Suddenly a knight entered and cried out. “Your majesty! The city is under attack!”

“By whom?”

“We don’t know. They bare the crest of a golden spider on their chest plates,”the knight said.

“Tell the captain to organize and retaliate immediately!” Lord Braum shouted.

The knight quickly made his way to the war room where Captain Rhylen was.

“Yes, I know, we’re under attack. I heard people fighting at the city gate.” Captain Rylen had trained himself to focus his senses. It was one of his many redeeming qualities. He ran to the courtyard where one of his commanders was training the knights. “We’re under attack! Mount and assemble at the castle gates!”

In minutes they met the enemy’s frontline at the city entrance. Captain Rylen and his troops gradually drove them back. “Commander Vale, keep a defense at the gates while I and the rest of the troops pursue them.” Then , chased after them and Commander Vale stood guard with his men. After a half an hour Vale sent a messenger to the king.

Then the messenger presented himself to the king. “Don’t worry my Lord. It’s been a while since any enemy has appeared.”

“What about the records of a cave entrance that leads into the castle?”

“The location of the tunnel is lost an obscure; written in one of the archives among noblemen’s library. None knows its location,” he said.

The king was startled as a loud metal clank erupted from the door. More followed as the iron door started to bulge. Something were bashing into it on the other side. The door swung open revealing a battering ram held by a group of the enemy.

“How could they have found it! No one could have known where…who do you serve!”

“That would be me.” King Braum was cut to the heart as he saw the one speaking.


“I’ve already killed most of your royal court.

Kelleth had managed to remain on a window sill behind a curtain. He waited until a soldier come near. He reached around and grabbed him and covered his mouth and nose until he passed out. It took him one minute to ready himself and then he casually walked from behind the curtain and headed to the king chamber. He made his way close to Thylus until he was in arms’ length. He grabbed him and held the dagger to his throat.


Thylus spoke calmly “You’ll kill me regardless. So I won’t.”

“How about torture?” It was Captain Rhylen. “One of your knights told me your plan. We've dispatched your men in the tunnels and your fort is burning

“Torture?” Thylus swallowed and looked at the ground. “You wouldn't allow such savagery.”

“Guards, take him to be tortured.”

“Very well! Men surrender!”

It took some time until all the prisoners were locked up. All were happy. Kelleth had proven himself a great caretaker and freeman as well as a hero. So much that he was made an official knight. His braveness and cunning was recorded in the archives for all to remember.

Word count:996

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