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I found my school essay in my computer, really childish when I look back, haha
Taylor was driving her two eight year’s old sons, Tom and Max were twins and they had the same hair style, same clothing, same party. Tom and Max were twins and they had the same hair style, same clothing, same sport shoes and behaviors.

A lot of people were present at the party, so after they arrived, the children were playing around happily. When Taylor was sure the twins were safe and understood the rules, she went into another part of the building and starting talking with her friends. The children stayed overnight at the party and the next day. When Taylor went to get to get her sons to take them home, she could not find Tom, although she looked anywhere and asked everyone; unfortunately nobody knew where Tom was. Before she started to panic, Taylor sent Max to her friend home and called the police. She had been told to go to police station where she waited for the whole day for some good news; her eyes became redder because she was crying; however at the end of the day, the police had no idea where her son was.

For the whole week, Taylor stayed at her friend’s home, but she never smiled and she didn’t eat. She could not sleep in the bed; she just slept in a chair and kept looking at the door until she fell asleep, only to be woken up by a nightmare.

A month went past and still. Taylor kept searching for her son didn’t care about anything else, except Max. She employed a baby sister to take care of Max all the time. Max was not allowed to go out by himself, not even to the play ground, because Taylor was scared she would lose another child. Sadly Max started to feel lonely and his friends were losing contact with him, which made him resent his mother.
Although Tom was still missing, two years later, his room was still clean and tidy, as if Tom was still living there. No one was allowed to enter his room or talk about Tom as if he was not there, otherwise Taylor would get very angry, and lose control. At the same time Max was very angry that Taylor kept him inside the house and never let him alone, he was not allowed to hang out with his friends, and Taylor made a lot of rule to make sure the Max was safe. However Taylor never seemed to care about her son’s feeling; he felt as if he was living in a jail.

Some years late, the family moved to another city, Taylor left a room for Tom, where she kept lots of Tom’s photos and birthday presents she had bought for him. On the anniversary of the day Tom went missing, Taylor stayed in his room and ate nothing. However, despite there their life was almost normal.

That year Max started at high school. At the end of his first day when Max walked out of the high school. At the same time; some of them were waiting for a bus, white others were getting picked up by their parents. Then he saw a few students walking away from the school along the footpath and one of them looking the same as him, just like a photo copy, but the other buy was called Alex by his friends. Max was stunned and went home and told his mother what he had seen, but Taylor didn’t believe him. She yelled and told Max that it wasn’t funny, so Max spent an hour patiently trying to convince his mother to believe him.

The next day, Taylor went to the school where she saw Alex walking into the school. Alex also saw her but all he registered was a woman who was looking at him in a funny way. He got a strange feeling of that woman and he felt scared, so he walked into the school quickly.
Taylor called the police that she had spotted her son at the school and when the police brought Tom back, she was really happy, and cried with joy. Taylor hugged her son and didn’t want to let him go. She was so happy to have him home that and she never cared when the police told her that because Tom had been away from her for many years, he wasn’t the boy she had known before

For himself Tom was very happy to see his mother and brother again. However because he had been separated from them for so long, Tom felt he wasn’t a part of that family anymore. Unfortunately he had fights with Taylor all the time about his behaviors and when he and went he went out at right, but Taylor and Tom knew that they would eventually come to understand each other in the future.
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