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Entry Weekly Quickie. Taylor and Lina
WQ Round 38 Prompt: Let's get hot and heavy in a hotel.

Halloween was Taylor’s favorite holiday, and Lina couldn’t wait to meet him at their designated hotel room for the weekend, especially wearing the skimpy number he suggested, though she told a white lie saying she wouldn’t comply. A smile remained on her face as she entered the room and quickly changed before his arrival. He made her feel like she was seventeen again, so the sexy schoolgirl route wasn’t a stretch, but oh how she filled out the barely there skirt and popped out of the sling of a shirt. She waited in the bathroom, checking herself in the mirror as her heart pounded wildly, anticipation of his reaction making her nervous. He came through the door in a rush, late as usual, calling out to her.

“Lina, I’m here.”

She lingered at the closed door concentrating on slowing her erratic heartbeat before strutting into room. Taylor sat in the chair by the window, legs outstretched, looking tired and beat, until those dark eyes sparkled and landed on her. He sat up, whistled his approval, his eyes moving over her from head to toe and back again. That once over triggered her arousal sending her heartbeat back to that rapid pace as she moved within a few feet of him, just out of his reach and slowly turned in a full circle, making sure he caught sight of her bare behind. Facing him again, she tilted her head, gnawing on her thumb as a smile crept across her mouth, eyeing the evidence of his satisfaction. That bulge in his pants spoke volumes, called her forward as if there was no time to waste. Before she reached him he stood, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up against his hard frame, those dancing eyes boring into her and catching her breathe.

Taylor captured her mouth in an electrifying kiss, his hot tongue demanding, searching her depths, causing her to open wider and cling to him before her knees gave way. His hands rose up her thighs, one squeezing her behind, the other making its way between her legs to toy with her clitoris. Gasping for breath she broke the kiss, spreading her legs granting him full access as her body caught fire, hungry and eager to have him slamming inside of her. She’d envisioned this, throwing him on the bed, going for a ride and being in control, but that was not to be. Taylor released her, grabbed her hips and turned her around, his mouth nibbling her neck as he led her to the center of the bed. Lina tried to turn around and face him, but he held her firmly in place.

“Not this time,” he whispered, his hot breath washing over her skin as she shivered. “On your knees on the bed,” Taylor commanded.

Lina climbed on the bed, looked over her shoulder to see his shirt already off and tossed aside as he quickly removed his pants and positioned himself behind her. One hand slid sensuously up her back before roaming around to cup a breast, his finger and thumb tweaking and plucking her nipple until she cried out. His heat moved to her entrance, and she braced herself for a quick thrust, then gasped when suddenly his wet tongue flicked the length of her lips. His thumb slid inside her opening as he continued to manipulate her breast, stroking her right to the pinnacle. As her breathing became labored and she began pushing herself back toward him, he stopped, releasing his hold on her. She ached, burned, needed him, hated that he stopped right when she could taste the threshold.

“Taylor,” she cried, her voice husky with desire and unrecognizable.

He rewarded her by pushing the tip of his member inside her. Lina grinded her behind against him, needing his entire length deep inside her, but he held her hips in place making that impossible.

“I lead, you follow,” he said.

She waited, desperate and burning up in her desire. “Please,” she whispered.

One quick thrust and Taylor filled her and then set the pace. Long, slow thrusts followed by short and quick, long and slow again, driving her body to the edge as he continued to torture her, only to pull all the way out and leave her whimpering for more. Slamming into her anew, he reached around cupping both breasts, pulling her up off her hands and back into him. His tongue glided across her shoulder and neck, before he blew cool air across her skin. His hands molded around her breast, hers covered his, kneading and pinching her nipples as his teeth found the spot behind her ear that drove her wild. All the while he continued to drive into her, until the moment when she cried out his name, chanting it like a mantra.

“Don’t stop,” Lina begged.

One hand slid down her stomach finding her nub, flicking and circling it as she went over, the orgasm slamming through her hard and fast, shuddering and gripping his shaft until he groaned his release, holding her tight against him.

“My naughty little schoolgirl,” he said.

“Now it’s my turn.” Grabbing his arm she pulled him onto the bed and pounced.


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