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Mitt Romney's curse.

      The formulation of belief is tenuous. It can come from ancient rituals
      and gospels. It can be inspired by a personal awareness.
      In the view of materialism there are only the physical influences
      of biology and environment. Repressed in human ego is the need
      to have meaning and from this a knowledge of God.

      However, wanting something to be true does not prove it.
      Consider, the Presidential candidate, who wants to believe they
      can change the bureaucracy. No government in history as ever voluntarily
      reduced it's size. There is always a tipping point and then a collapse.
      The great illusion is that one leader can reverse irresponsible management
      and graft.

      What if, I were to tell you I met God? Would you believe me without question?
      But, if I produced ancient testimony from great men in history who shared my
      faith, would you give me creedence? Would my prophesy move you to take
      action in your life?

      The Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints, believe that the prophesies did not
      end with Jesus. They believe their Bishops are prophets.
      The Republican candidate Mitt Romney is a Bishop in the Mormon Church.
      He is a prophet in the Mormon faith. Does this alarm you?
      Mitt Romney believes he is a prophet. That is why he is a Bishop in the
      Mormon Church.

      Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon faith, believed he was a prophet
      like Jesus and Abraham. He attempted to run for President, under the
      banner of rebuilding the temple of Jerusalem in the United States.
      He wanted to be a messiah, but he was assassinated by a rival protestant sect.
      Does Mitt Romney share Joseph Smith's beliefs?

      Imagine Mitt Romney having an epiphany and declaring himself God.
      This would fit into most Christian beliefs about the End Times and the
      rise of the Anti-Christ and the Return of Jesus Christ.
      The Jewish Talmud mentions a rise of false prophets, before the fall
      of the Temple.

      The Hebrews counted with their alphabet.
      In the Apocalypse the Anti-Christ is given a number 666.
      6 is the number of man. On the sixth day Adam was created.
      Three sixes is the symbol of God, which means a man making himself
      a God. Do you want to guess what Mitt Romney's name totals?

      Do the math, put his name in Hebrew letters and total it.

      A rationalist would call this superstitious supposition.
      I find it fascinating, that Mitt Romney mirrors the prophecy of the
      Anti-Christ. But, the proof will be in his deeds.
      At first he will appear to be a savior, but his action will lead to
      Armageddon .

      "70x70 I will forgive them." Jesus said.
      Was he talking about the Anti-Christ and his followers?

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