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True Story
A woman from Alabama, with a heavy accent living in Michigan

was sent to a prestige hotel for a Sleep Disorder. After the study, unpacking

personal items, discovered she had brought the hotel’s soap dish home.

Right away, she called the Sleep Study Center reporting the mistake. The

receptionist suggested- --- she return the dish to the Hotel front desk. Since

the Hotel was only a few miles away, her husband drove her to the Hotel. He

pulled into Valet Parking area so she could return the soap dish.

Feeling uncomfortable dressed in a pair of jeans, a tee shirt, plus,

wet hair from showering, she asked her husband to return the dish. However,

he told her, he could not leave the car in front of the hotel causing parking

problems. Three well-dressed ladies were talking, not one acknowledged her

standing at the counter. In order to get someone’s attention, she placed her

large purse upon the desk, then, replied,

“Hey Ya’ll I was down here the other night for a sleep study and

when I got home, I discovered, I brought home your soap dish.”

The three ladies stopped talking, stood --just stared. Next, the

southern speaking lady turned around, casually-- walked away. A few nights

later, she returned to the same Hotel for more testing after being diagnosed

with Sleep Apnea. On her second visit, having strong instincts, felt -- those

ladies at the Hotel would have treated her different had she been dressed

different, so, she dressed in designer attire. Upon arrival, the front door was

opened, several “Hello’s.” Even the elevator door was held open for her.

Wow, she felt like a queen. The following morning, after the second

sleep study, while standing outside in front of the hotel waiting on her ride,

after several minutes passed, decided to call her husband, to find out when he

was picking her up. Before his arrival, a nice silver car was parked in her

proximity. For a split-second, the thought of sitting her bag upon the car in

order to search for her cell phone came to mind. There was an ashtray on the

sidewalk, yet, did not want her bag near cigarette ashes.

Thinking about the owner, being unhappy -- using their car as a

prop, she decided to hold the bag. Before dialing the number, her husband

drove up. Once inside of their 1987 station wagon. Her husband noticed the

silver car, saying,

“Look at that car, ” The wife asked,?

“So, what is so great about that car?”

He said, “Oh!, only, because it is a Bentley, an expensive car. “

Next, she said, “I almost sat my bag on the car , but decided not

to, he told her, she did the correct thing. Out of the blue, thinking about the

treatment received a few days earlier to return the cheap plastic soap dish

dressed in casual clothes, she looked at her husband, and replied,

“Had I known that was a ‘Bentley, I would have walked directly

back inside of the hotel, gone up to the front desk where those three arrogant

women were and yelled,”

“Hey Ya’ll, call AAA,, my Bentley won’t start, by the way, I’m

Gary, the Cable Guy’s wife.”

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