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Pets make our lives whole, Cats are Queens , they are so classy
Cats live a life of a queen; every owner knows that to be true. Their lives are spent eating, sleeping and grooming. Born sharp and versatile, Cat is an animal with lot of etiquette,  grooming them is a blessing. They are moody and believe in quality time over quantity. sounds odd though, but cats are not followers. They need love, affection, pampering and most importantly attention but when they are in mood for it.

They love being showered and cleaned but with love and lots of pampering. Excess of fur irritates them. You can help  remove excess fur by brushing your cat regularly. Regular grooming of your cat will gradually promote healthy skin and shiny coat.

Grooming benefits us too, Research shows regular stroking animals is good for your own blood pressure. Hence, it’s the most relaxed way of grooming your pet.

Wash your kitten with anti-flea shampoo to keep it free from flea and ticks. For this you should give a nice bubble bath to your tiny cat in a tub with anti-flea shampoo. After that use a towel to dry the cat and preferably use a tick controller and a remover to remove ticks.

Cats can be bolt if you try to force something on them, so grooming the queen requires patience and a lot of understanding with the cat. Don’t try to be harsh with them, be subtle and pamper the tiny angel.

Sprinkle some nice perfume of her choice; make sure not to overdose as cats tend to resent using their claws. Also, when you feel your cat is calm, pamper, hug and try to trim its claws one by one. If it reacts, wait. Trim one nail and stop and so on.
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