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The wacky world of retail!

      I think I've been bouncing around retail sales for over twenty years.
      This is my take on Nick~

      1) No matter where you go there is an in store drama.
          Basically, this involves a level of mentality that believes
          they can't be fired. Everyone is replaceable ..except them.

          I have seen a store manager get fired on the floor, while lecturing
          his department managers at Kmart. It can happen that fast to any
          employee even a store manager.

      Recently, I spotted Nicolas O Lapoint, a store manager at Home Depot
      I knew. He is a most unusual case of narcissism and talent for drama.
      Nick had a habit of getting bumped from store to store, because of his
      temperament and love of dating attractive female associates. He looked
      shorter. Maybe his spine has compressed from stress?

      While I was working under Nick's management I heard rumors he had
      gotten a head cashier: Erin, pregnant and wanted to pay for the abortion.
      But, Erin insisted on having the child. Pro-life?
      Erin left Home Depot to marry a mall security officer and raise Nick's kid.
      Nick, then, moved on to have an affair with Trina Bronson another head cashier.
      According to the rumor mill, this rakish management got Nick transferred
      out of the Portsmouth Home Depot six years ago, but he's back now.
      He's got a thing for a Jackie Orinze in book keeping now or so I'm told.
      Oh, the in store gossip never ends.

      Nick is handsome and athletic.
      He likes to play rugby and run about hugging men in the muddy game.
      So what? Well, this game has made Nick very touchy feely with some
      female cashiers and floor associates. He likes to tackle them.
      Yes, Nick's a funny guy. You can check him out at the Portsmouth Home depot.
      He sports a goatee and likes hugs.

      Just my two cents.


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