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The same October time each year for lovers to meet.
                   "Once Upon An October Night"

Once upon a cold crisp October night,
An orange full moon did indeed shine bright.

Two old lovers walked hand in hand;
The evening went just as they planned.

Silver tresses and one limp gait
Found a romantic spot at the magic hour of late.

Smooches and hugs behind a wide dark tree;
Tickles and giggles filled the couple with glee.

I've heard tales that have often been told,
By youngsters dreaming to be so bold.

Many times seen through a veil of Autumn mist,
They meet same time each year for a lover's tryst.

Whispers stealing romantic chances on a rendezvous
Are truly the loving apparitions of me and you.

T'was a long long time ago, as they would say,
When He met She on a cool crisp Fall day.

Eyes locked and young hearts knew
Magic possibilities as spirit sparks flew.

The two star-crossed lovers danced eagerly their best;
Many twists and turns purchasing life with youthful zest.

Then circumstances caused unkind and disappointing rift,
Yet distance and years offered a different and special gift.

She and He on down life's road they went,
Now appearing aged, wise, wrinkled, and bent.

Each year they'd anxiously meet at a designed place;
Autumn secrets shared without a trace.

Catching up on family news and busy such;
Spirits expressing love with a gentle touch.

All this being said, the tale is certainly true;
Sweetheart, the story is still about me and you.

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