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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Detective · #1902741
Who is in charge?
        Abby had been trying to call Aden, but he was busy with Zeus.
        Finally, after spending several hours discussing democratic principles
        with the father of all Gods, Aden answered his vibrating phone.
        Abby was frantic. She had discovered nanobots in the magic clay.
        "This is micro engineering beyond anything I've seen.
        Were talking leap years ahead of our silicon chips. It has to be
        alien .. Perhaps, this Zeus wanna be is an E.T?" Abby chortled.
        Aden felt his arm turn stone cold. He was frozen like a statue.
        Raven took the phone from his stiff hand and answered:

                "Abby. This is Raven. Aden will speak to you tomorrow."

        She shut the cell phone and put it on the coffee table, beside a copy
        of Marxism by Thomas Sowell and read~

                  "Unfortunately everyone is only a 'child of this time' and if
                  this is a sufficient excuse nobody ought ever to be attacked
                  anymore, all controversy, all struggle on our part ceases;
                  we quietly accept all the kicks our adversaries give us because
                  we, who are so wise, know that those adversaries are
                  'only children of their time' and cannot act otherwise."
                  (Philosophical Materialism, pg 48).

      "My dear boy. You are my clay to mold. Do not delude yourself
      with fanciful thoughts of free will. Mortals are the pawns of the Gods.
      Your life and your soul are mine." Zeus put his right hand on Aden's right
      forearm and freed him. Aden stepped back shaken.

                  "The CIA will support Zeus in the rise of this second
                  Hellenistic Empire!" Raven saluted Zeus with her wine.

      Aden poured more wine into her glass and drank all of his in one swallow.
      "A man's reach should exceed his grasp." Aden said coldly and shot Zeus
      with a 45 caliber automatic between the eyes. Zeus fell dead on the floor.
      Raven gagged on her wine and threw up, slipping backwards onto the couch.
      She stared in disbelief at the dead God on the floor. Aden walked over to
      her and pointed his gun at her head slowly and shot her. Her head jerked
      backwards and then she fell across the couch dead.

      The three witches screamed and flew at Aden .. He shot them all at
      point blank range in the head. Aden checked his clip and replaced it
      with a fresh one.

                "Abby? I need a buss here with body bags out by the old
                mine at Snake Point." he said calmly into his cell phone.

      He nudged Zeus with the tip of his boot and lit up his pipe:
      "Well? Are you going to resurrect?" Zeus remained dead as did
      Raven and the other witches. Aden stepped outside on the veranda
      and smiled at the stars in the sky. It was a good night for freemen.

      to be continued...
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