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A prose poem about Obama's re-election bid succeeding - an honest, yet eloquent viewpoint.
Always pays to know the truth from fiction,
And that unforgiving resemblance to falsehood 
Generally signifies a lie.

But folks often project spirit and a sense of urgency
Into these perplexing and quite whimsical annoyances,
And proudly proclaim their motivational worth.

The newly-elected president of the United States
Faces many of the same ethical and moral challenges
As any leader in the modern world,
Yet none of the duty or expectations
Befitting that proud and glorious nation.

The sun rises and shines once again
For a failed and indolent Obama administration
Whose only obvious goal in the next four years
Is to tax the wealthiest Americans. 
Even though the most commonly felt notion
In economics pertains to supply meeting demand,
The rich must somehow be punished and disenfranchised
For achieving fiscal rewards. 

As the U.S. economy continues
To boast modest gains 
While angling sheepishly towards a recovery,
The majority of disheartened Americans
Shall further enjoy the benefits
Of a government that is too heavily in debt
To function much longer…
Until that time when a Republican commander-in-chief
Comes in and reduces spending
For a little over half a decade,
And completely eliminates that ridiculously huge budget deficit. 

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