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My little poem on the Grackle, a bird that frequently eats at our feeder
This bird loves to visit us and makes nest nearby.

The Grackle

The Grackle looks like he’s been stretched
A whole twelve inches is my guess.
With his long black tail, black beak, bright yellow eyes;
Gives him an eerie look as if in disguise.

Bronze-iridescent body and a purple headdress,
He struts across the lawn for dried grasses to fetch.
Male and female alike deliver twigs, reeds and mud to the nest,
Which takes one to four weeks isn’t an overstretch.

The final touches alone does a female obtain,
A feat of perfection the nest she attains.
Takes another five days to make without respite,
Who knows, she may be working all through the night?

When ready, she'll lay four to seven eggs with pride
Of pale, greenish brown with dark marks inside.
This amazing nest may be found fitted in a shrub or a tree
Located anywhere from three to thirty feet high, roughly.

Maybe you'll find it above the water or close to the ground
Where the parents are waiting for their hatchlings- spellbound.
Which will take around thirteen or fourteen days forthright,
Then another twelve to sixteen days for their young to take flight

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