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by brom21
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A young teenager is afflicted with a fear he must overcome.
It was a cold and snowy day in Mt Charleston in Nevada. The grey clouds drifted like a spiders web moved with the wind that could be seen through the winter whitened pine trees. Not far from a steep mountain drop off, was a large cabin filled with a small vacationing family. The Stewarts came every winter to have snow ball fights, roast marshmallows, explore and the their favorite activity of all; hang gliding over the beautiful snowcapped trees that ascended the steep mountainside. However, there was one individual that was not so taken with the vacation.

If there is anything worse than going up these mountainside roads and being so high up, it’s hang gliding! Thought fourteen year old Kevin as everyone got ready to hang glide.

“Come on Kev, it’s time to go do what your pansy nerves can’t handle. You’re such a sissy!” his younger brother Don taunted.

“You know Don, someday you’ll be struck by lightning when you’re up there all careless, “Kevin said plainly.

Kevin’s mother Clare approached them both. “Time to leave. Let’s go, your father is in the truck.”

It took ten minutes to reach the cliff side where other people were waiting to hang glide. They quickly got out of the truck and got out the two folded up hang gliders. They were all so elated that they didn’t notice how uncomfortable and anxious Kevin was.

Then his dad, John put his hand on Kevin’s shoulder. “We’ve never made you go, just try it. It’s safe.”

“I won’t go, “said Kevin.

His father did not say a word and walked away. When the time came John and Clear were the first to go. They ran quickly towards the edge of the cliff and immediately they were riding on the wings of the wind. John smiled and waved at Don and Kevin. Kevin was scared at vey sight of his mom and dad flying in the air hundreds of feet above ground. Kevin looked around and saw another teenager who looked Just as distraught. He walked in the direction of the teenager who had fear in his eyes.

Kevin introduced himself to the stranger. “I’m Kevin. You don’t seem to like hang gliding very much.”

“Dislike it? I’m petrified of it! What if a wing tears?” said the young man.

“Yeah, I’m the same way!” Kevin exclaimed.

“I’m glad there’s someone else like me. Oh, I’m Rich.”

“Nice to meet you,” Kevin spoke.

I wish I had the nerve to do this. I wish I could just let go and be free and fearless,” said Rich.

“You actually want to go?”

“I don’t know. I just... I just wish I could be free of hang gliding fears. My parents always tell me to face my fears and I’ll find there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s too hard though,” said Rich.

Something in Rich’s words stirred something up in Kevin. “I think your parents are right Rich. Just think of what it would be like. I’m still scared but just think; what if?” said Kevin.

“What if? I could fall to my death that’s what!” Rich exclaimed.

“I know, I know, but I heard somewhere that you’re safer hang gliding than in your own home, “said Kevin. Then as he spoke Kevin felt the anxious a ball of anxiety abated a little. He looked at the ground, up at the sky and then he looked at Rich. His face became austere and bold as he stood perfectly straight and took a deep breath. He clenched his fists and spoke firmly. “Let’s do it. You and me. Right now.”

“No way!” Rich answered.

“I’ll make you a deal. If I go and nothing goes wrong will you go?”

Riches eyes widened with disbelief and shook his head and backed away “Not a chance.”

Kevin exhaled in disappointment. “A shame. I thought we were in this together.” He walked away to his family and approached his father .”I want to hang glide.”

John took in a deep breath and blurted out with the happiest smile Kevin had ever seen. “That’s great! Clare! Kevin wants to hang glide! Coe o let get you geared up and strapped to the glider. Son I’m so happy that you came around. What changed your mind?”

“Kevin smiled. I guess I just came to my senses.”

When Kevin was ready and could not wait. He counted down. One…two…three! Immediately he was exhilarated. He felt his fear float in the air that carried him. He looked down and a beauty he never saw accept in magazines. It looked at a big white blanket with green spots. He felt the brisk wind bath his face in dew. He inhaled it. It was like his very soul was freed from a bondage of life on the ground. “What have I been missing!” he yelled.

He saw that it was getting darker which meant it was about time to close. He steered back to the cliff and touched down. “Mom it was so fun! I was afraid of nothing!”

“I told you,” said his father.

Kevin looked at Rich who turn around and walked away with sadness in his eyes. It was a shame.

Kevin wished to do more gliding but it was time to leave for home that was in Las Vegas. When he went to sleep that night in his bed, he slept with a new found peace. He even dreamed about doing that which once so scared him. Now, he looked forward to vacationing where he could soar like a bird.

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