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A man is exposed to the unexpected
  He sat at the computer, watching the bits of news, entertainment; whatever floated by his sight.  Sitting in the dark of the room in the late hours of the night, the glow of the framed display encircled his face. This caused almost a halo like effect of slightly shifting colors to emanate around his person.

  He rubbed his eyes now and then in a pinching type movement, trying to wipe away the tired feeling from the long days work. The job was hard enough, but interruptions from his wife during the day with petty phone calls hardly helped. In spite of remembering the old adage of “Keep work at work and home at home”, the man could not help but think of all demands and confrontations involved, just to do his job and satisfy his wife at the same time. “Yea, right” he thought. “Who can ever keep them separated?”

  Fighting the tide of unwanted emotions, he focused his thoughts again on the screen in front of him, hoping to drive out the demons brought forth by the days stress. Once again his thoughts wandered through the web pages as he scanned them with his eyes.

  A killing here, monies stolen, a politician making promises he knew that could not be kept. A link to this article or video or advertisement stating “But wait! There's more!” As he read, absorbing more facts and figures, his mind began to relax. His posture became more reclined in his big office style chair and his reading slower and steady, eyes no longer darting across the pages like a trapped animal.

  While he was in this state of mind, pulling information of no particular value from the glowing screen before him, a buzzing sound seemed to appear somewhere from the back of his head. Faintly aware of this distraction, his mind began to process the noise. Was it a bug? Naw, it wasn't moving around. Was it a phone or device alarm? Can't be, they're in the kitchen. His mind inadvertently tried each scenario as he tried harder now to focus on what he had been reading. The sound was more intense now, and was not going away as he had hoped.

  Finally giving in, he started searching for the sound. The man moved his head from side to side, then up and down, thinking he could find the sound by echo location ( a skill he really never had developed, but saw in a movie once). After a few minutes, looking like he was performing some type of yoga exercise, he gave up and sat quietly staring at the screen. The sound was audible now, not a buzz as before, but having some form of rhythm to it. His mind started to process this noise now, thinking it was emanating from one of the computer's fans.

Sitting stiff and non-moving, he was intent on the noise disturbing him. He could hear the rythmic sound of the fan's whirr, but there was more to it, and the other sound was now more pronounced.

  “What could that noise possibly be?” his thoughts began to analyze. “Another fan? A motor in some drive going or even a bearing?” It was all he could think of, but while his mind was working on the solution, again the sound was growing louder”

  The man finally calmed his mind and thought “If I just listen to it for awhile, I might get a clue on what it is.” He bent his head towards the back of the computer, slightly tilting his ear near the fan he could hear. “There, that should do it” He thought.

  The beat of the fans were rhythmic, almost to the point of inducing a trance. Undulating, pulsing sound flowed from them as he listened intently, notes of a musical tempo were emanating now, stronger than the beat of the fan blades. He swore he could hear singing!

  With a blast of air like a rushing wind, the sound overwhelmed him now. It was singing! As the song engulfed him, a vision appeared before him . He now could see those making the song.

  Ten thousand angels appeared, surrounding him as if he were in the bottom of a vast bowl. Looking upward towards the expanding blue sky, a brilliant light hovered miles above, illuminating them all. The song of ten thousand angels singing surrounded him, engulfing and washing over him . He felt like his whole body absorbed every note. The glory and peace he experienced in his entire being was so overwhelming, it caused him to break down and he sobbed and gasped at the beauty he was witnessing.

Crescendos poked up from the waves of  rhythm, notes hung in the air like glass droplets, harmonies swelled and ebbed like the tides themselves. All this was so overpowering, the man thought he could not last much longer.

  With a sudden crash, the office door swung open with a violent thud, slamming into the door stop that was designed to prevent further damage. The vision disappeared when his wife marched in. A scowl had formed on her face, distorting her features and voice with a demon like appearance.

“What's going on in here?!” she demanded in a loud and raspy voice.

“Nothing dear” he responded, not turning his head away from the screen before him.

“Well, it sounded like singing and it almost looked like you were crying; what are you crying about?” She demanded.

“It was just a commercial on the computer dear, and it brought a tear to my eye”

“Well, I thought something was going on and didn't like the sound of it!”

  With that, she turned on her heel and marched from the room. The man caught his breath after awhile, calming himself from the ordeal with his wife. He once again sat stiffly in front of the computer screen, silently looking at page after page, watching the bits of news, entertainment; whatever floated by his sight.

  A killing here, monies stolen, a politician making promises he knew that could not be kept. He tried to focus his mind on the things he read.  Sitting in the dark of the room in the late hours of the night, the glow of the framed display encircled his face. Nothing moved except the flow of the tears now streaming down his face...
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