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Myth of Bigwoods cemetary explained in my first ever creepy pasta.

Hello.my name is.....well that's not important.I have vanished like so many before me in these woods.I truly was oblivious to myths and legends...now,I am a shadow trying to warn the next foolish soul to pass through these haunted woods.

A few years ago,a few of my classmates were arrested for burning down a historic church located near the graveyard called Bigwoods.I decided to figure out why they would do such a thing,let alone be out in the middle of the night.I stopped by the local jailhouse to speak to a friend.After casuallly talking to my friend,she explained in detail what had happened.I didn't believe in ghosts,and yet here i am...warning you to keep away.Irony is it not?

Anyway,my friend looked pale,as if she were drained of all life.When i asked her what happened,she said only that the Gravekeeper was furious at her and witches tried to kill her.She had hesitated for a moment.I was about to leave her,but she begged me to wait.

She told me to tell others of what had happened.She had been observing paranormal activity by closely examining the historic church during the day,trying to find historical records on it.The records she found were interesting,yet highly disturbing....

The church was founded in the early 1900's by an elderly man whom often chased off trespassers at night with a lantern,cursing them as they fled.Sometimes he gave chase,ensuring that as soon as they leave the border of Edgerly,Louisiana,that his lands would be safe.The Gravekeeper would then return to his lands after a trespasser fled to highway 90{which at the time was a dirt road}.As the community grew,so did the era of black magic.Witch hunting was now meerly a sport for this elderly man.

When a poor soul was accused of black magic by the Gravekeeper, he burned his victims at the stake.This unknown man...this... Gravekeeper used black magic himself to ensure that the "witches" became his eternal slaves to redeem themselves for being a trespasser.

After my friend told me this i was slightly amused.In my arrogance I assumed it was a desperate cry to bail her out.I was wrong....so very wrong....I wanted to be right,so a few nights ago I set out on a little trip to explore the cemetary.....the gates were locked.Looking about the graveyard roads,I could have sworn I saw a hearst moving past within the graveyard.....but....it had no driver.Thinking that I was too sleepy to decide what it was,I hopped over the gate.

A shadow figure raced past me,touching me....what the hell was that....a stray animal?A bird?No....it must have been a trick of the wind.As I drew closer I saw something that puzzled me...wasn't the church supposedly burned down?Moving closer to the church,another shadow raced past me and I could feel the hair on my head standing.

A voice cried out to me,almost like it was in pain."Leave this place or the Gravekeeper will get you...."With a pause of panic,I looked around...no one was there.Suddenly as I looked to where the church stood,I smelt fire....and the church was gone...."God....this place is truly scary.I've got to get the hell out.now" was my only reaction aloud....I understand now why they burned down the church.My only gut feeling felt like it was burned to in an attempt weaken the witches that the Gravekeeper had kept all these years.

I ran and jumped into my car,trying to start it.The engine wouldn't turn over.I saw the same hearst speeding toward me as if it were going to crash into me! All i could do is scream helplessly.

The next thing i knew....I was a ghost,with an eerie man holding a lantern above me with my body in view.With a smile he said..."Hello.I am your master now.You should have heeded my warning and fled when my shadows crossed the roads.Now..you are mine."

Feeling everything within me twist and turn,I was drained of all my will to be free from him....save for the moment where I can tell you about this evil man.Tonight there are teenagers trying to enter....I must run past them to warn them of this terrible man,lest they fall victim to my fate.

After passing them they will either heed my advice and run while the man with the lantern chases them off....or they will be enslaved to warn others of their fate.I pray you will not be one of the people I have to warn.
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