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Updated 2/2/2020 - Her life full of secret societies and betrayal.
This is my first story on writing.com and one that has been in the making for some time so don't be to hard on my grammar mistakes.

Update 2/2/2020 I finally got around to updating this story. I gave it a proper format instead of a jumbled mess.

         I was 5 years old on a cold fall afternoon. I was playing in the living-room when my panicked mother came running in. She picked me up and headed for my room. As she set me down she told me to hide under the bed and not to come out. I did so without giving her to much trouble because I knew she was scared. She left the room and not shorty after that I hear the door burst open. At this point I'm trying not to cry, but I listen only to hear my mother shriek before a dull thud hits the floor. After which i can hear boots walking around the house and things breaking. It wasn't long before the boots came to my room. I watched helplessly from my hiding place under the bed. Just as it seems they are about to leave one of them turns around and flips the bed over. I scream before one grabs me and I pass out.

         I wake up in a blacked out van. I can hear things moving about this way and that. But I wasn't sure what to do so I stayed quiet. I must have been there for weeks. They only opened the door to give me food and water. I had no idea it was a ransom. One night I hear some commotion, so I listen in and hear vehicles approaching. Soon after that I hear doors slam shut, loud bangs and pops start echoing across the warehouse. After what seemed like hours of the loud noises. It came to a sudden hault. I could still hear people walking around outside the van. Then a voice says "Check the van". I was terrified but when the doors opened the man standing there was wearing a recognizable uniform. It was the same kind my father put on everyday before he left for work. He says to me "Your safe now" and I jump in his arms. It was as if an unending nightmare had finally come to and end and as he was caring me out of the large dark building I felt secure and fell asleep in his arms.

          That was how it all started. My initiation, the search for my father all of it. I didn't yet know it but that one fateful night shaped my whole future. A few months had pasted since the incident and I was finally getting used to the base they had kept me on since then, but one thing was troubling me deeply, they wouldn't tell me where my father was. Several more weeks past and I still no idea about him. I Finally got the nerve and took it upon my self to ask someone. What they told me was devastating to hear. The soldier said "We are still looking for your father kiddo, but don't give up hope. We will find him". Having lost my mother I was emotionally defeated after hearing this. Weeks turned into months and still no sign, but by now I was doing things around the base to help out, like running errands for the guards or cleaning the mess with the cooks. They all made me start to feel better and I felt wanted for the first time in a long time. Not long after that the general comes to me and tells me that it was time I started my training. This puzzled me because I was so young. But little did I know that was their plan, to create agents from a young age to indoctrinate them.

         I started training shortly after that meeting. Those next years got so repetitive I don't really remember much. But the next notable event was my graduation test. I had grown into a young woman by then. 15 years old to be exact. My instructor Agent Ward told me we were going to Rio De Janeiro. I asked why, and he only said "It's time". I knew what that meant, and so did the other recruits. For me to graduate I had to pass my first mission in the field. 2 days later my instructor and I were in the favelas looking for the drug lord whom we were meant to capture and interrogate. A few weeks in we found our mark as we started tailing him when he noticed us and took off. We followed him all the way to the roof tops and kept after him when we lost his trail. We stopped for only a moment, but it was a moment to long. "Why are we stopping!?" I asked. "We don't need to be running blind, he has us on his turf" he mentioned. I then replied "but we are so close". not soon after that a shot echoed across the favelas. I took cover and looked over my shoulder to see my instructor start to bleed and fall to the ground. I rushed over to him and drug him behind the small metal wall, as I did so he held out his hand to give me something. He said "Take this, your father told me to give this to you when something like this happened". Teary eyed I asked "What.. I don't understand?" but it was to late. He was gone. That's when something happened, something clicked inside me that day, and my sadness turned to rage. I grabbed his gun and in a fit of emotions I went after that monster. When I found him I don't even recall what I did to him, but I'm sure what I did was unspeakable. Next thing I remember I'm standing over his corpse with his warm blood dripping off my hands and a strike team comes bursting in the door. I had gotten what I came for. He had a cell phone on him with the contact list. Command sent me home for some R&R. I changed that day. Something in side me awoke and what scared me was I liked it.

For the next few years I went about various missions and ops. It was all becoming routine by that point. Then I was introduced to 'the elders'. Not sure how I had never heard of them before then. They were the one's who were really in charge of that private military corporation. I couldn't believe the entire organisation was ran by 3 people who's faces I never gotten to see. I was their first call agent at the age of 18. They began sending me on high risk missions. Most of which were to infiltrate gangs, mobs, mafias, ext.. but after some 6 months in the field a new threat came about. 'SOTA' as they called them selves was the largest group I had ever been assigned to. I was out of my league in this so i enlisted the help of an ex-mercenary. This meeting had to have been set by the gods because ever since that day we have been partners. His name was John Clinard. I was still young and he knew the ropes, so he helped me get in, and once I was in it took me 3 months to cause the mafia to collapse in on its self. They gave me time to let things cool down and I had gotten to known John quite well, perhaps to well. We would talk every night at my lakeside cabin. He was the only one who knew the truth about who I was. Everyone else just thought I was an ordinary girl from a small town. After a few more missions. An unexpected surprise came about. I received a letter from an anonymous person telling me to meet them in the desert bar 'Scorpios'. It was here my life would change yet again.

         I went to that location in the Navada desert to find a massive club amidst the dunes and sand. I went to the bar as instructed while being alert and having my weapon at ready at the flick of my wrist. I got a drink from the bar as I awaited the contact to approach me. That's when a average height, red headed woman walked up to me and said "it's been some time hasn't it dear sister". I almost spat out my drink when I heard what she said. I replied "After all these years. why did you chose now to show yourself to me". Trying to restrain myself from hitting her I asked "What makes you think it's ok for you just to walk back into my life?" she said "I know it's hard that I walked out on the family. But when father asked me to do so for your sake". "For my sake!! I cried for weeks after you left". I retorted. Taken aback by my outburst she plead with me. "Please listen to what I have to say and if you still reject me I will leave you in peace". I gave her that one chance to redeem herself. She gave a convincing speech about clues our father had left for me to follow and that she had come back to help me pick up on them. I wasn't entirely convinced, but then she showed me the papers that lead to the next location. "Egypt?" I asked. "Yes, that is where the next clue is" she replied. So I called John, and told him to pack some things. The next day we were on a plane to Egypt.

         The clue lead us to the burial chamber of nun other than Cleopatra Ptolemaic. A tomb that scientist had been unable to find for several thousand years. Once inside I called a team to bring some equipment so that we could set up base camp. We must have explored the tomb for days when we finally found what we were looking for. That's when I tripped a trap and was cut off from the rest of the expedition. I noticed a mirror with a sarcophagus in front of it. For some reason I felt drawn to it and when I got close to it the lettering on the ring Agent Ward had given me started glowing. After that things get fuzzy in my memory, but from what the expedition tells me I was speaking Greek, and not acting like myself when they dug me out. I later found out that the spirit of the once powerful queen was inside my body fighting for control. I now know that she meant no harm in the act and can communicate with her in my mind... But that is for a story for a later time.. Days after the expedition I was executing strange actions unlike my own which worried my sister and John. so they kept an eye on me around camp. One night they tell me I was holding an athame about to kill a guard posted outside my tent. 4 days later I started regaining control and acting more like myself. Weather that was what my father intended to happen or not, it did, and we left there soon after. Another 3 weeks past when the unspeakable happened. A breach in security at home base.

          This was truly hard for me because the 'elder' whom I was working for was killed which started disarray between the other 2 and a civil war between them. I used this time to dig up information on who did it, what I found was far worse than I could ever imagined. I found the records of all the people the corporation had killed. I'm unsure if it was the indoctrination that had blinded me all those years, but my eyes opened that day and from that day forward I vowed to stand against them. The very group of people who created who I had become were now my enemy. I found refuge in several places, but John never left my side, and my sister was off fighting her own battles. I continued doing odd jobs for money, and actually took up a job at Scorpio's bar. I worked there for 2 months when I found a group that suited my needs. They were called H.G.U. I told them what they needed to hear and they were happy to send the troops to fight the growing threat. 2 months 2 weeks and 5 days later the leadership of Raven corporation had fallen. I was finally free from the pain, free from the people I thought were my family, free from the threat that had been under my nose for 16 years.

         It was some time after I started a mercenary group of my own. To this day it is in service with the men and women I hand picked. It was soon after that I married John on an island in the pacific. My sister came home for the event and decided to stay until duty called. She is still here now. As of now I am the happy wife of a great man and the leader of a growing group of agents. My husband John, still protects me from harms way. Even though he knows I can handle myself. Oh and my father... Well I'm still working on that trail. It has taken me around the globe in an intricate web of exotic locations to abandoned warehouses. I have no idea when or if I will find him or whats left of him but I'm sure the journey will be worth it... But for now, this is General Amber Sinclair signing off. . .

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