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Is Heaven on Earth?

        "Are you on crank?!" Abby glared at Dr. Rene,
        "They are demonic witches! How could you revive them?"

        "Abby. I'm a doctor. I've taken a Hippocratic oath to preserve life."
        Dr. Rene adjusted his black rimmed glasses and opened a fresh can
        of Coca~Cola.

        "Well, they're in the custody of the FBI now.
        Not that that's going to hold them. I can tell you that the nanobots
        evolved an invisible shield against bullets.
        That was smart shooting Aden, without their brains they're nanobots
        couldn't revive them." Abby took some of the Doctor's coke and placed
        a drop under her molecular microscope.

        "Ah-ha! Just as I suspected! The soda has nanobots!" Abby sipped her
        coffee thru a straw. "You are infected! Your a soda zombie!" Abby made
        a wicked smile, pointing at the Doctor with her long index finger.

        Doctor Rene dropped his soda into a waste basket.
        Abby giggled and shook her cupie doll pig tails, "Just kidding!"
        "Maybe, Abby is onto something. The Coco~Cola company has to
        deal with the drug cartels in Central America .. They need the coca leaves.
        And the CIA has been financing their black-ops with drug money.
        Do you think the Coca~Cola company is behind this shadow government?"
        Aden spoke softly as he stirred his coffee.

        "Doesn't PEPSI send money to Israel?" Abby answered and tilted her
        head as she sipped her coffee. "Coca~Cola is sold in Iran. Coca~Cola
        sold FANTA to the NAZIS." Abby continued.

        "87% of our bodies is fluid." Doctor Rene added.

        "Jesus. .. This could be a soda conspiracy." Aden drank his coffee black.

        to be continued... .

        Genesis chapter 15:18~ "That day God made a covenant with Abraham,
        saying: To thy seed will I give this land, from the river Egypt even to the
        great river Euphrates."

        Genesis chapter 16:2~ "Sarah said to her husband Abraham: Behold the
        Lord has restrained me from bearing; go in unto my handmaid Agar the
        Egyptian, it may be I may have children of her at least."
        And they went ten years into the land of Canaan and Agar bore Abraham
        a son.

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