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A father tells his children a bedtime story; work in progress.
"Tell us a story, Daddy."

James Beckett looked over his three children, all tucked neatly under their bedsheets; Melissa, or "Missy," his youngest daughter, was reclined on a mountain of fluffy pink pillows, a blue teddy bear wrapped up tightly in her arms; Julian, the middle child and his only son, was cleaning his glasses intently, trying to rid the smooth surfaces of any smudges before gently setting them down on the nightstand beside him; and finally, his eldest daughter, Anja sat upright, hands folded in her lap as she looked at him with interest. Smiling softly, he began to rise from his seat, heading towards the tiny bookshelf that sat pressed against. However, Missy's giggle made him pause.

"No, Daddy! You've read those books to us tons of times!"
"Yes, Dad," Anja cut in, grinning widely, "make up a story for us!"

James seated himself again, nodding and clearing his throat. The three children leaned forward slightly, intruiged; their father always knew how to get them hooked on something.

"Very well; what type of story do you want?" Julian's eyes lit up at this.
"There has to be dragons, Dad! A good story always has dragons!" Missy cuddled her bear closer, a look of fright overtaking her previously wide smile.
"But dragons are scary, Juli," Julian winced at the childish nickname his sister had given him, "dragons eat people and breathe fire!"
"Then we'll have a knight who slays the dragon." Anja reached across the space separating her and Missy's bed, giving her youngest sibling a gentle pat on the head.

"Melissa, dear," the three children looked back at their father, who was chuckling softly to himself, "dragons may be a bit scary looking, but it doesn't make them all bad."
"It doesn't?" Missy frowned, brow creasing in wonder. "But stories always make dragons seem like scary monsters, Daddy."
"Then..." James paused, a smile curling his lips. "Shall I tell you a story of a good dragon?"

The three stared at him in awe, before moving to get comfortable under their blankets. Once settled, they lay still, waiting for their father to speak. James chuckled, before clearing his throat.

"Tonight, I tell the great tale of..." He thought for a moment, before continuing. "Lejavin, the Dragon of the Clouds."
Missy clapped happily, while Julian and Anja quietly tuned in to the tale about to be told.
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