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Facing the depravity that is human nature.
A peace is of the nature of a conquest;
for then both parties nobly are subdued,
and neither party loser.
-William Shakespeare

The rhetoric we behold is something of disdain
For the banter we synthesize is something of hatred
We stand by while the purest of morales
Are corrupted by the lowest level of brazen cruelty
Today is depressing
For we laugh and celebrate at the depravity
And the distraughtness of human nature
We revel in the disgusting
And the most devout of the terrible
All the hells we create in the darkest places
In our minds and in the most horrifying works of fiction
Are but a minute understatement
Of the true evil we harbor in our everyday lives
True intelligence or anything with any true meaning
Is ostracized and is engulfed into the void
That is social networking
This world is a depressing place
And so is today
The only thing we can do now is watch while
Our morales and legacies are indoctrinated into
This deep cynicism that is the world we live in.
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