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It's hard to write creatively about a subject that has been so overdone
Like love,
you can only write so many poems
about the sky—

whether saturated with slate-blue clouds,
heavy as huddled bison herds
in leisurely migration
over valley grazing grounds,

or dry and flat
as bone china crisply glazed,
as lead crystal glinting
so it seems to ping
when first light hits—

but every time I look up,
heaven grabs hold and lifts,
pumps my heart as full
as a helium balloon, and I think:
This should be a poem.

Just like when you walk by
raining unexpected kisses
across my upturned face.

Contest/publish records:
Wilderness Interface Zone, 2/5/2013, http://wilderness.motleyvision.org/2013/like-love-by-merrijane-rice/
UTSPS 2013, Category 28, 2nd honorable mention
Messages on the Water http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/merrijane
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