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a young nirain learns of a nations beginings from an old bard[voice talent wanted]
chapter 1
tales of the forgotten

legacy of nira episode 1:origins
scene 1 "tales of the forgotten"
-exterior,night time,outside river scenery with cave waterfall.as
sound fx of crickets chirping sound,camera starts at top of river and
rotates around to view waterfall.camera then zooms into waterfall to
reveal interior of therons cave.-

-camera follows brune as he enters past the waterfall into the cave.-

-camera cuts to theron seated in in front of a cauldren,cooking his
stew.the angle of the camera hides his face from view due to theron
wearing his bard's hat.-

Theron looks tward Brune,camera still locked in place behind Brune's shoulder.Theron's face can't be seen due to hat being worn.

[curious tone of voice}"Greetings sir.What brings you to my humble abode?

Brune approaches slowly as he stands near Theron.

Brune[informitive tone of voice.]

My mentor asked me to speak to you sir.

Theron[curious tone of voice.]

oh?whom is your mentor?


Sir Striker....

Theron[pleased tone.]
Ahh...i see. Last i heard from him he had only one student.I take it
you are the one he mentioned?

-camera cuts to Brunes face as he nods his head quietly..-

Theron[chuckles then sturrs stew in background noise.]

I appoligize for interrupting.Please continue as to why you are here.

Brune-I was told that you know old tales that are long forgotten by
our nation.he claims you to be a full blooded elf.

Theron [camera cuts to Therons face as he removes his hat,exposing entire face.]

What he claims is true,though few know this.I know your mentor well.He
said in a letter that you wish to hear of my stories.anything in
particulair you wish to hear?

Brune[nods and blinks,camera cuts to brunes face ]
Hes been a good teacher.Sir Striker said ya may know alot about the
bloodline of the palagriz family.

-palagriz blushes slightly out of shyness..-
-camera cuts to behind the cauldren in view of both characters.visiual effect of fire.-
Theron [extends hand to offer a seat]

You needent be shy,freind.Come and sit near me.Its rather cold tonight.

Brune [sits next to Theron,rubbing his arms in a warming up motion]

All ive known is that my father was an ambassador for the Nirain royal family.

Theron [nods quietly]

Then there is much to tell you.We begin this story when our pepole
were nearly wiped out by the Hunic Hordes....

-camera zooms into the fire as flashback sequence to scene 1 ends.-
episode 1 scene 2 "beginning of our end"

-Exterior,forest,evening time.Camera cuts to a hawk in a tree.-


Tales tell of the Sarmations and their brave deeds.

-multipule Sarmation Calvary units Race past screen under hawk,starteling it.camera locks in place behind hawk as it begins flying.-


Some fought for the romans in exchange for the survival of their race.

-camera still centered on hawk as it chases the fleeing Sarmations.


Others became ledgends,such as King Acturius Gustus.Few know the old ways of our ancestors....now....it may be too late.

-camera pans around hawk to reveal Hunic Horde in pursuit!-



-tons of arrows wiz by as the camera rotates to hawks point of view while hawk gracefully dodges them.arrows hit a few trees and kill a few Sarmation warriors.Hawk then soars through the air and sweeps above the trees and around a mountain range.-

Theron [narration]

As the Sarmations gather whats left of their race,a miracle will occourr that will save them.Evil wont stand a chance against their might.

-hawk sweeps into forest near mountain and pearches itself on a tree branch.camera zoms in slowly on shadow figure of paroth.-

-cut to interior therons cave,center view of Brune and Theron.Brune's expression is that of a slightly confused person while eating some stew.-

Brune[looks to Theron]

Why does this tale have relavence to my family?

Theron places his hat on his head as he smiles and sighs quietly.

all will be told with time.have paitence young man.

Brune rolls his eyes while nodding

well guess bards cant get to the hard facts right?

-Brune grins then Theron smacks Brune upside the back of Brunes head with a wooden spoon.-

Theron[sarcastic voice]

hmm...if it means drawing an audiance of smart alec warriors like you,then no.i think not.

Brune[rubbing back of head]

OK OK ill listen...i doubt it will help me though....


It will.You have my word.


...Alright...what happend next?


well you see...

-flashback sequence begins to end scene 2-


start scene 3 a "desperate plan"

-hawk flys away as the camera zooms in on paroth,showing his entire body as he stands in place.sarmation extra(now named wolfclaw)walks up to paroth.camera cuts to above paroths shoulder as wolfclaw approaches.

wolfclaw sighs

sir,i have some grim news the roxoloni tribes...they were wiped out by the hunic horde...we cant possibly-

paroth interrupts

i assure you,we may be the last of our pepole,but we never surrender.


i know sir.those basterds killed my only son....

-camera cuts to paroths face.-

paroth closes his eyes as if he is remembering the fallen warriors of his people.

i know.he was a good lad.....how much time do we have to buy for the sappers?have they set up within the mountain?

-camera cuts to wolfclaws face.wolfclaw is expressing sadness and a bit of uncertainty of the plan.-

wolfclaw {pause for 5 seconds}


-paroths hand is seen placing his hand on wolfclaws shoulder.-

paroth -reassuring wolfclaw-

dont worry wolfclaw...if we can create a tremble in the earth,we can stop them.

-camera cuts to exterior mountainside as wolfclaw speaks.visual scene of sarmation sappers making traps.-


they should be done by nightfall.weve lost the horde....for now.theres no garunte on how long though.im doubtful it will work....but we make our stand here.

-camera cuts back to paroth and wolfclaw.wolfclaw bows then walks off screen.-

-Paroth turns around to watch sunset.camera is behind paroth facing the sunset.paroth lets out a sigh.camera cuts to his face.paroths face appears to be depressed as if he has failed everyone.-


pai help us....we didnt deserve this.

-camera cuts to over paroths head to show sarmation extra,now called rakiu,running to paroth.-


[panting] lord paroth,my sapper team has found something unusual.....

-rakiu salutes as paroth turns around.-


do tell.i could use some good news.


we found what appears to be a temple of sorts.one of our men dug up an opening.

paroth expresses a bit of curiosity


we sent our preistess and a small team of men to investigate.according to the preistess theres greek writings all over the walls!

-camera cuts to paroths face as he apparently smirks while having an idea.-


ALLRIGHT LISTEN UP.im going to give you instructions and i want them passed along word for word.send more scouts to the ruins to furthur investigate any chokepoints we can use.we will lure them into the temple and attempt to trap them in.make damn sure theres only one exit.set traps above the entrance if need be.we need to be careful inside in case theres traps within.tell the men to hold the line at all costs.if we need a hidden exit,i expect the sappers to get to it imeadeately.


yes sir.-salutes-what shall we do after the traps are set?


pray....and hope our final stand isnt our final stand,but a victory.

paroth and rakiu walk off screen


begin scene 4 a fated encounter

exterior mountainside,entrance to niras temple.

paroth nears the temple as camera follows paroth moving past several men.


hmmm...all this commotion over a temple.its gotta be her.

camera cuts to the entrance as serinah and 3 sarmation troops exit the entrance.her hood hides her face,but you can see pagen trinkets upon the arm she uses her staff to walk with..

camera cuts to serinahs eyes as she reads a parchment of paper she traced within the temple.


{subtitled translation as she speaks- the age of gods has ended.the last heralds of gods rest in their temples to await the day where gods may exist again.}

"I̱ epochí̱ to̱n theó̱n échei lí̱xei. Ta telef̱taía sýmvola to̱n theó̱n vrískontai stous naoús tous kai periménoun ti̱n i̱méra ópou oi theoí boreí na ypárxoun kai páli."

-serinah gasps as camera cuts to view paroth standing nearby.serenah runs to paroth excitedly,knocking down a sarmation warrior in the process.-


LORD PAROTH! this isnt an ordinary temple,,,its a temple of a godess sealed away by fate!

paroth looks unintrested in what she has to say.


so?it could be a hoax.why would i care?

serinah grabs paroths chest plate and pulls him down to her eyes.her arms can be seen covered in pagan trinkets. full view of her face and silver eyes.


before you continue it says that the age of gods has ended.supposedly this is a god in slumber.its waiting for a new age of gods to arrive.come...ill show you.

hesitant delay from paroth as he rolls his eyes.paroth follows serenah as they enter interior earth temple. he takes a torch from a sarmation as he follows.

paroth grins and teases serinah while lighting the torch.


sister serinah,are you certain you havent been using that sickly goat of yours to give blood offerings to our gods?

serinah glares at paroth and slaps his helment so hard it falls of.


ill have you know that goat has been a family heirloom and you know it!id bet a sheild that my goat can outrace your so called excuse of a horse!

serenah grunts in frustration as paroth picks up his helment.breif silence occurrs as they both look at each other.


well looks like were even for that arguement about who can dance around naked around a fire the fastest.

serenah snickers.


that was kinda cute....

paroth and serinah laugh togeather.

camera cuts to elven village above a characters shoulder.two elves are seated before the character as arnatule speaks.


you two have finally become hunters.such as tradition,as keeper i shall take you to a nearby temple.inside it we must bless the goddess of the earth.i expect you both to be alert at all times.worst case scenario is giant spiders taking refuge.before we continue onward,i suggest you tell your families that they must prepare a seed in case something should happen.ive trained you well,but never forget that nothing is certain,and anything can be possible with determination and fate.carry plenty of arrows in your quiver and an offering.we will depart once youve said goodbye to your families.

the two elven hunters walk off screen as a glimpse of arnatules eyes can be seen.


hope their up for it.


begine scene 5 the goddes

-interior niras temple near main chamber of goddess prison.camera following paroth and serinah.serinah and paroth walk tward a statue of a wolf with dragon wings extended outwards upon its back.the statue is pearched upon a pedistal with what appears to be chains on the statues legs.-


see paroth?its just like i said.greek writings all over the place.

paroth pauses and blinks with a blank expression on his face.paroth turns to examine the walls.


hmm....if these were greek writings it would be tough to believe.wernt they wiped out by the romans?

serinah removes her hood and nods.


they were wiped out,but look...heres where its intresting.it says that zeus sent a dark god to seal several gods along with the dark one.according to this information they possess great power.if they are released-

camera cuts to paroth and his expression shows that of a sudden idea.-


[inturrupting]we need to find a way to free this thing.


NO!youre insane! what if this being is evil moreso then the horde?!would you risk your tribe...yourself....just to run them out?

paroth sighs and shakes his head


theres no alternitive.right now we risk death from a god or by the sword.id rather gamble for our survival then to have no hope at all.

sound fx of a bow streatching and launching an arrow.camera cuts to serinah turning around as the arrow races past the screen.arow rips off serinahs cloak to reveal her sexy curves and sultry armor.


[gasp]what was that?!

-footsteps sfx.camera reveals shadow figure of arnatule holding a bow and arrow.-


who are you and why have you defiled this temple with your presence?

-camera cuts to serinah and paroth.both are shocked to see someone in the temple.paroth draws his blade.-


show yourself.if youre a hun so help me pai ill end you myself!


huns?do not be foolish human.you are in elven territory.i certainly dont know what a hun is.you need to explain yourself before myself and my elven breathren shoot your limbs off.thats as reasonable as youre going to get from us.if i sence a lie i will shoot you myself.and dispite this rude welcome,im arnatule,leader of my tribe.

paroth sighs while sheathing sword.camera cuts to arnatule as two elves become visible behind him.


we were here to hide from an army of evil man known as the huns.they are hellbent on destroying us.we had no choice but to flee.we stubled upon this temple while trying to make a last stand.


my pupils,if what this human says is true we need to rally qhat men we can.go and seal the entrance to the village.

-the two elves quickly depart from view.arnatule sheaths his bow.camera cuts to view arnatule approaching paroth and serinah.-çamera alternates between serinah and arnatule as they speak-


so you found this shrine by accident.what do you intend to about these evil huns you speak of?

serinah takes a step forward tward arnatule.


you are elven,but your skin looks unusual.are you drow?

not exactly.drow were part of our ancestral heritage,but with powerful magic we became our own race.why do you ask?

serinah smiles

im curious....you have secluded yourself away from humans.during your seclusion have you heard of a band of humans called greek?

arnatule thinks a moment.


cant say that i have.why?

serinah nods and points to the walls with inscriptions within them.


well that means you dont understand the writing on the walls,am i right?

arnatule sighs and scratches his head

well you got me there.tis true,none of our kin have been able to decipher it.

serinah nods and smiles more

well i know how to read it.

-camera cuts to paroth rolling his eyes and walks around while zoning out-


well,thats new.what are you getting at?

arnatule perks a brow


your goddess is imprisoned here,and if we free her she may help us.you send your scholars to me and we free the goddess.we make a wish to free us from the huns and everyones happy.

arnatule looks at them with disbelief

and if this goddss is a wrathful one? what then?

serinah looks to paroth and looks back to arnatule


then may the other gods save us.

arnatule paces a bit.


hmm give me a minute tooo think...

camera cuts to paroth humming as he apparently is bored and is zoning out.serinah slaps paroth out of it and paroth falls to the floor.serinah whispers to paroth as camera cuts to arnatule raising an eyebrow at serinah slapping paroth.camera cuts to paroth and serinah-


what in goddess name is going on?


dont worry about it.i sometimes have to knock sence into paroth here.

paroth gets up and mumbles


im gonna get you for that serinah...

arnatule goes back to pacing and thinking.serinah leans over and whispers as she helps paroth get up.


think they can help?

paroth nods while rubbing his face.camera cuts to arnatule.


very well.its a longshot but i expect that woman teach us what she knows.if what you claim is true,then it must be done quickly.

camera cuts to brune and theron.interior,therons cave.camera cuts to brunes face-


so you mean to tell me my ancestor was the leader of the draken elves?i kinda find that hard to belive.


well my friend its true.i myself am draken elven,but ive never had the skin of a drow.back in my youth they used to call me paleskin.

continued with legacy of nira ep 1 script part 2
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