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Dream lover
The Haunting of My Love

As my heart drifts ever aimlessly
On the infinite ocean of time
An imaginary Lover's soul
Floats eerily through my mind

The constraints of speech are gone
As we contentedly soar the skies
Promises of eternal bliss are reflected
In the serenity of her eyes

As I drink from the well of tranquillity
The thirst of my world departs
My essence absorbs the surrealism
Of the unity of our hearts

Consciousness stalks my idyllic realm
My being pleads for release
Consciousness harshly preys upon my flesh
The cold executioner of my peace

Reality renews its dominion
Disregarding my wish to stay
The sudden-ness of suffering pervades
As our hands longingly, gently slip away

Every fiber of my being aches
At the sound of reality's bell
The preordained consequence
Compels me to bid you farewell

Falling, an unspoken feeling escapes
May the Love I feel from your eyes
Be enough to see me through my waking ordeals
Until again, my Love, we'll soar the ethereal skies

As my corpse wades ever ploddingly
Through the infinite morass of time
My eternal companion's soul
Floats lovingly through my mind.
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