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by Zheila
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Montauk is wehre scientists research on bizarre highly top secret technologies.
The Mysterious Montauk Base

Where Scientists research on bizarre

Top secret Technologies

Montauk is where scientists research on bizarre highly top secret technologies such as: Time Wrap, Mind Control, and invisibility. Montauk researchers are from Military Industrial Complex/ Private High Technology Corporation with highest security clearance. Montauk with its breathtaking scenery is located at most easterly end of Long Island. This place takes its name from Indian Tribe whom used to dwell there 10,000 years ago.

The story of Montauk goes back to World War II. The United States Air Force had a radar station, and military personal were tracking down the enemy (Nazi) submarine activities in Atlantic Ocean. After the war the base closed and officially deserted in 1969. In 1971 Montauk base mysteriously reopened (unofficially) and once again the base came buzzing to life. The technical director of the base was a man named Preston Nichols turned whistleblower. He reported of astonishing experimentations such as Time travel, Engineered Porthole, and Parallel Universe. The word leaked out that supervisors of the projects were the world’s brightest minds. They were Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Wilhelm Richard, and John VonNueman.

There was a legend that American GIs found a train full of Nazi Gold and reported it to the proper military authorities. Nichols had a theory about were Montauks’ abundance of financing came from. Nichols wrote, “In 1944 American troop went through a French tunnel with the convoy of $10 billion dollars worth of Nazi Gold. The train dynamited in the tunnel while carrying 51 GIs. General Patten was in Europe at that time and investigated this, but could not understand how an American troop train could be dynamited in western allied territory.” (Nichols, Montauk Project begins). However, Nichols could not come up with any documentation. The conspiracy theorist believed that General Patten was murdered because he knew too much. But they also failed to proof it too. In 1970s the Nazi Gold turned up in Montauk mysteriously. The value of $10 billion Nazi Gold was $200 billion dollars at that time. This was how Montauk revived. when the Nazi Gold was all used up, the project allegedly financed by Krupp’s family. Nichols wrote, “Krupp was the owner of ammunition factory in Germany. Later, he became one of the most notorious arms dealers.” (Nichols, Montauk project begins)

There are undocumented reports that under Montauk base are vast subterranean tunnels that scientists secretly continue their research in the fields of multidimensional worlds, as well as passing through wormholes into another universe. The other areas of researchers according to Joyce L. Murphy a journalist and researcher are:

1) “ Interdimenational Technology”

2) “ HAARP”

3) “ Genetics”

4) “Quantum and Particle Physics”

5) “ Black Hole Simulation”

6) “ Photonics”

7) Super Powerful Electrical Electromagnetic Fields”

8) “ Time- Space”

(Murphy, Let’s talk Montauk)

The tree projects that have been completed in Montauk and can affect our daily lives now are Time Wrap, Mind Control, and invisibility. Murphy wrote,” Time Wrap in used for training by the U.S Navy. A helicopter crashed in the coast of Macrinanish Scottland. The Comphell town, Scottland Liberian told the story. Sudden mist is not unusual in Scottland but the one that appeared was like it was immediately cast a net over a helicopter carrying political figures from Northern Ireland and within the mist the helicopter fell into the ocean just feet away from the shore.” (Murphy, Let’s talk Montauk)

The second horrific project, which unfortunately has come true, is Mind Control. One day, representatives from Brookhaven National Institute paid a visit to Montauk base commander. They informed military about a marvelous, but horrible piece of technology that Brookhaven scientists (mad men) had been working on. Nichols wrote, “They told them about a device that could make enemy surrender without a battle simply by throwing a switch. Of course, the military was very interested. This was every war expert’s dream. Imagine a device that makes enemy give up before the battle starts!” (Nichols, Montauk project, Introduction). The Brookhaven representatives told that they would finance and provide their own personals without any cost to military. The only thing they need was the powerful radar in Montauk’s base. The military responded welcome to Montauk.

The third chilling and shocking inquest was project invisibility. It all started when the United States Navy decided to make U.S.S Eldridge a Navy destroyer invisible to the radar. America was helping allies against Nazi, Germany and desperately was looking for a new technology. In August 1943 at the Philadelphia Navy yard under Albert, Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, and Dr. Rosenberg supervisions the invisibility project (project Rainbow) started its historical demonstration. The U.S.S Eldridge became successfully invisible. But something went wrong and the destroyer with all her crew were transported (through time-space) from Philadelphia Navy yard to hundreds miles away in Norfolk Virginia, and within minutes reappeared back in Philadelphia Naval yard. It was more than military hoped for. But it was a complete disaster for the crew. Some caught fire, some went to another dimension and never returned they were lost for eternity, and some became insane. United States Navy spent billions of dollars to cover up this affliction. The undocumented reports talked about invisibility project moved to Montauk base. From project invisibility, project Time-Space was born. The words leaked out that a few military personal in Montauk have traveled into the future and came back to the base safely.

In addition, during one of Time-Space experimentation, an alien spaceship was caught in Montauk Time-Travel Tunnel. The alien accepted Montauk scientists request to stay behind and tutor them with their heavenly knowledge. The extraterrestrials still residing under the Montauk base and are supervising the more highly complicated project. (The military neither accept nor has rejected this story)

Finally, Montauk is certainly a spooky place with all these Time Wrap, Mind Control, HAARP, and many more that are going on. Montauk is located in Camp Hero. People enjoy walking the scenic trail and admiring its breathtaking beauties. But if a person gets unlucky to venture off the trail he/she gets confronted with armed military personal (military still says Montauk base is closed). This brings many questions to curious mind. Does an abandon Montauk base need heavily military guard ready shoot to kill? Does military Indusial Complex hiding the biggest secret from American citizens? Who is paying Montauk employees paychecks? Where the financing of all these projects comes from? Do aliens still live, work, and help earth scientists with their assignments? The conspiracy theorist would say yes.

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