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A poem about finding one's path.
Youth, the feeling that time will continue on.

I the youth, the golden-pink dawn,

Young, and forever unwilling to spawn,

Youth, we dreamers, we fall for the con.

There's no time to savor your coke

Too young to drink, too healthy to smoke

But I sip a little and then take a toke

We act serious to ward off the joke.

We, too young to note the passing hour

Or to glance at a flower,

Yet I will climb the tower.

Before the world begins to grow sour

Youth, too level-headed for danger,

Or to say hello to a stranger,

Or seek redemption from the manger.

I, your youth, will throw down the clock and say,

“I am not the prisoner of today,

Laughter and tears are my domain,

I will not lie, I will not feign

We dwell in a new land, not meant for the sane”

I need to edit this poem more.

Hope you enjoyed it, =)

Have a wonderful day
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