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by Angus
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A Man Senses Danger On An Abandoned Island (Daily FF Winner)

The Island Of Dr. Ellington

           Dr. Robert Ellington watched as the waves slowly rolled onto the shore, one after the other. It was a peaceful sight, and the only sounds he could hear were those of the seagulls as they circled over the small island. He was all alone, the sun was just going down, and he was almost asleep when the sound of distant drums quickly snapped him back to attention.

         “What the heck?” Robert asked himself, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. He couldn’t tell where the sounds were coming from, but the image of savage tribesmen on the island was a sobering thought. What if they’re head-hunters? he wondered.

         The drums weren’t beating rhythmically; instead they were pounding out an erratic pattern, as if they were using some sort of code. He looked at the dark jungle, trying to see movement in the thick canopy of lush green foliage and fronds, but there was nothing to be seen.

         But then, out of nowhere, a crudely made spear slammed into one of the palm trees at the edge of the treeline. Robert jumped, and the jungle suddenly came to life as loud, native voices began whooping and hollering.

         They were coming!

         Ten seconds later the voices stopped, and a single, dark-skinned tribesman emerged from the brush. He was dressed in only a loin-cloth, and his face was painted with a rainbow of war paint. Robert figured this was the chief, and he watched anxiously as the barbarian figure approached.

         Just then, without warning, the screen suddenly went blank.

         “Damn cable!” Robert shouted. He picked up the remote control, turned off the TV, and went to bed.

         He had to get up early for surgery, anyway.

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