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Just something I thought about while bored. Been a while since I wrote anything new.

Its happening again, another sad night filled with her tears

I run out to her without thought
I try my best to calmly embrace her

But tonight she is so cold, together we shake uncontrollably as I rock her

Her tears stain my shirt unmercifully
I didn't need to ask what happened,
it was well known between us two

I stare at her reflection in the mirror and can't help but see the marks

Why was I so small when it mattered most, when she needed me the most?

As I ponder my own question a renewed anger fills me

I won't let this keep happening,
tonight small or not--I'm ready!

As if sensing my decision to stand by her side, she looks at me and smiles

For the first time in a long time
we agree to face the problem as one

Before we leave to go confront her abuser, she turns back to the mirror, to
look at me

That's when it hit me--I was bruised too. Not physically but emotionally

You see, I'm just a reflection of her, to be more specific--her courage.

Knowing what we have been through and survived, I return her smile.

Together, she knows we can face anything! And I can be her strength through everything.
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