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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Occult · #1904525
The silent power of faith

        There is no man who knows more of himself than he does of other people.
        Aden could not explain how he found the strength to shoot Zeus in the head.
        A few moments earlier he could not move. He was frozen by Zeus, like a statue
        made of clay. Yes, the clay was in him, in his blood. Where did this inner power
        come from that fought off the spell on his body? Aden was not a devout Christian.
        He thought of himself as a skeptic. There maybe a God, but he had nothing
        concrete to prove it. The homicide detective he had become could not accept
        a benevolent God in a world filled with so much evil. His mind was too calculating
        to believe in miracles. What is the great end for humanity? A monument grows
        old and like the ruins of Atlantis becomes legend. It is only stone ..
        Is that what awaits Aden? The clay will keep him young until one day his
        spirit will turn to stone.

        Aden hugged his wife tightly. She looked at him with fear. She knew their fate
        was measured by the clay they had drunk .. Would the demonic forces of
        the Paranormal CIA claim them? They had drunk the wine and knew its evil.
        They had opened the Devil's gateway and unsealed the forbidden knowledge.
        How could they be saved? Aden smiled at his wife, "I shot Lucifer in the head."
        Elli pushed him, "That is death, that not even the Son of God could escape."
        Aden clutched his wife again, "Yes! That's how I broke free! I called on Jesus
        and my hand was free to shoot." Elli shook her head desperately trying to
        escape. All the violence and injustice and cruelty Aden had seen had brought
        him to this epiphany. "I am God's soldier." Aden spoke. Elli kissed him as her
        face grew wet with tears; "Dearest, I think I'm pregnant."

        Reflections: 1 Peter 3:18 "being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by
                          the spirit, by which also he went and preached unto the spirits
                          in prison in Hell."
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