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My views on Breaking Dawn Part 2. A happy ending? I think so.
I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2. The last movie of the Twilight Saga. If you haven't seen the movie and plan to, don't read this. I don't want to spoil it for you. If you have seen it, I hope you are a big fan like I am. It is hard to believe this is the last one.

In this movie, Bella is now a vampire and she and Edward have a daughter Renesmee and Irina is still upset about the werewolves killing Laurent, her vampire boyfriend. When she sees Bella, Renesmee and Jacob in his wolf form, she is fuming so she goes tell the Volturi that the Cullens changed a little girl into a vampire. Renesmee was jumpiong in the sky to catch snowflakes. The Volturi are headed towards Forks, Washington and plan on destroying the child and the Cullen family if the need be. When the Cullen family find out, they go out to find their vampire friends who live in Alaska, the Middle East, Amazons, England, Ireland and Romania. The vampire friends show up and are going to be witnesses and tell the Volturi that Renesmee was born a vampire and half human. She wasn't bitten. We get to meet some new vampires who have powers and are fun. Makes you want to be a vampire.

Jacob and Sam make up and the wolf pack agrees to fight the Volturi. The Cullen vampires and the wolf pack are on friendly terms again. They didn't show much of the wolf pack except for being wolves. Sam brings over a note that Alice and Jasper have left and try to leave clues to help Bella and Edward save Renesmee. Why did Alice give the note to Sam? The wolf pack should have officially apologized to the Cuellen family but they didn't. Jacob takes off his clothes and changes into a wolf right in front of Charlie. Charlie is shocked. I miss that Jacob's father Billy wasn't in this one. Bella doesn't tell Charlie on screen that she is a vampire but says she is different now. Charlie asked if she changes into an animal, too. She says no. At Christmas time, Bella takes Renesmee to see Charlie and she is growing every day. We assume that Charlie knows Bella is a vampire and Renesmee is his real granddaughter. Renee isn't in this one. I wonder if Bella sees her mother again and lets her see Renesmee and tells her she is a vampire and Renesmee is half vampire. These questions are unanswered.

The vampire friends seem to accept Jacob and he seems to like them. He says he isn't afraid to take on the Volturi. Bella beats Jacob up when she finds out that Jacob imprinted on her daughter. Is Bella jealous? Bella is no longer awkard and falls down. We see a new Bella. Bella, Edward and Renesmee have their own place to live now. It looks like a Thomas Kincaid house from one of his paintings. The house is beautiful.

The Volturi show up and there are a lot of them and the Cullen family, vampire friends and the wolf pack face off. Bella, Renesmee and Jacob {in wolf form} approach the Volturi and Aro is taken with Renesmee. He realizes that she wasn't bitten but his family want a fight and don't believe it. Jacob growls at Aro. Irina admits she made a mistake and the Volturi kill her and her sisters are devastated, Alice and Jasper come back and Aro is evil but has a nice, funny thing that makes you like him. Alice tells him to read her mind {She has the power to see the future} And Aro puts his hands on her face. The next thing we know Aro tells his gang to seize Alice and Carlisle runs up to attack Aro and Aro pulls off his head and the Volturi do the same to Jasper. I am upset and my husband thought I was going to have a coronary. The vampires and wolf pack are attacking the Volturi. Seth {he is in wolf form} falls in a crack in the ground and one of the wolves are dead. Esme is horrified when she sees Seth falling and she has already lost Carlisle. I am near tears. The Volturi get killed and Bella goes after Jane and Sam {in wolf form} finishes her off. Guess what? It is just what Aro saw in Alice's mind what would happen if they fought. Thank Goodness! Alice has found a vampire man {I think he is from the caribbean} and he is 105. He is half vampire and half human like Renesmee. He stopped growing at seventeen. Bella is relieved that Renesmee will live forever. The Volturi leave and good riddance.

In the ending, Jacob is talking to Renesmee and he asks Edward if he can call him Dad. Edward smiles but says no. This part is so funny. Bella and Edward are in the meadow lying down and talking. Could there be more movies? Why not? Jacob and Renesmee get married. At the end, they roll the credits and show black and white stills of every cast member and they play the song "For A Thousand Years." My husband didn't rush me out of the theatre. I loved seeing the cast members and who played them. Now, I know how much I will miss these movies. I have them on DVD's and can watch them anytime. If you are a Twihard fan, please go see the last movie. It is great like the others.

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