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Frank and Jake swap girls
WC 2741

The Spring Lake Hotel

For the past few months Beth and I had been seeing each other and Jake was dating her friend, Clairese. To celebrate the sale of the 39 Chevy we agreed to meet in the lounge of the Spring Lake Hotel for drinks and dinner.

We were sitting at a table listening to the blue grass music after enjoying a great meal. The girls had just returned from the restroom. They were dressed to the nines. We stood up and ushered them into their seats.

“Sweet Vodka Collins for the ladies,” I told the waiter and another round for us. The music was lyrical and the lead singer could actually sing. It was an oldie, Scarborough Fair, one of my mom’s favorites. It set a nice mood as we sipped our drinks. At length Beth spoke up and said.

“I’ve reserved two rooms in the hotel tonight.”

“Sounds like fun,” I answered with a broad grin…

“I hope so,” she replied, “but don’t be jumping to any conclusions…”

“What’s to jump?” I answered.

“Well…” she went on taking a deep breath… “You know Clairese and I are like sisters…”


“And you know how sisters like to share?”

“Get to the point, Beth.”

“…And we were sort of wondering what it would be like to trade boyfriends for the night.”

It was a bombshell… only Beth would have the nerve to say such a thing and I couldn’t believe it when she did.

I looked in dismay over at Jake while he looked back with amazement.

“Did I just hear you right?” I sputtered breaking the silence.

“Oh come on,” said Beth, “don’t be so uptight all the time…”

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“Nope, we’re both serious… as a heart attack.”

“Deal me out,” I said standing, “and Jake too.”

I looked over at my best friend and realized suddenly that I wasn’t speaking for both of us.

“What’s the matter Frank… I’m not good enough for you?” asked Clairese.

I tried to clear my head… This was totally unexpected and not something I had ever anticipated. The girl I loved had just made a proposal that left me floundering.

Beth snapped a key card on the table. “You and Clairese have room two-twenty-eight. She took the other, stood up and extended her hand. “Coming Jake?”

He stood nervously, avoiding eye contact, and took Beth’s hand. They walked from the room and out the door.

That left Clairese sitting patiently, drumming her fingers. “What’s it going to be Frank?”

I stood, picking up the card, head spinning. “After you sweetheart,” I heard my voice answer.

The elevator stood empty and we stepped inside. I pushed number 2 and the door silently closed. I took a deep breath.

Clairese stepped up, taking my arm. “Come on Handsome, this won’t be half as bad as you're thinking."

“You have no idea what I’m thinking.”

“Oh but I do, and the truth be known, I share the same sentiments."

“Then why are we doing it?” I was confused.

The door opened and she squeezed my arm, guiding us down the hall.

“That’s a question I’m not at liberty to answer.”

We reached the room.

“Are you going to open the door, Frank, or just stand there?”

With a sigh of resignation I took the leap. I inserted the card and heard the latch activate. The door swung inward and Clairese stepped inside. I followed, hearing it close with a click of finality.

Clairese walked ahead of me, going over and closing the blinds. She turned on the air conditioner and the compressor began to humm quietly. Turning about she smiled and began taking off her blouse,

I still couldn't believe what was happening.

Then she kicked her shoes aside and slipped out of her skirt. “It’s not polite to stare,” she said, “ unless you have something to show in return.”

I took off my shirt, and heel-toed my loafers, then unbuckled my belt and let my slacks fall to the floor. My boxers had a tent-pole inside.

Clairese turned on some music. There was a slow song playing and she held out her hands. Taking her in my arms we began to dance, our feet hardly moving.

We swayed together for several minutes caught in the ambience of the moment. Neither of us seemed anxious to break the mood and get on to the main feature. After a long and almost surreal duration, Clairese popped the bubble.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like doing it with me?”

As a matter of fact I had. She had a sweet face and charming manner. Watching her with Jake made me sometimes wonder, thinking about that very thing.

“For sure,” I replied, “You're a beautiful and compelling woman…”

She pushed her breasts closer and I felt the warmth of her sex, pressing against my erection.

“You're so sweet, Frank. I'm sure this will be an occasion to remember, even though it’s not something I'd have considered... without….” she paused.

“Without what…?”

“Without Beth’s prompting.”

“Where in Heaven’s name did she come up with this bizarre idea?’

“Have some faith, Frank, she knows what she’s doing…”

“Faith? There's nothing left to doubt…”

Clairese stepped back, eyes flashing. “If you love her then show a little trust," she snapped.

I stammered trying to find words. They eluded me.

Clairese pleaded, “Please, don’t spoil it,”

Spoil what? I wondered. but replied instead.

“Whatever you say Honey.”

Her smile returned and she stepped back into my arms.

“Beth said you had a big wanger,” she whispered in my ear.

Suddenly, “Old One Eye” became even more animated and Clarise went to her knees. Boldly she pulled my shorts down.

Looking up I saw her dark pupils and white eyes staring at me. She opened and took the tip deftly into her mouth. Her fingers were soft and stroked as her lips gently drew suction. Her tongue slid back and forth as she worked the shaft.

"Where did you learn to do that?" I asked in amazement.

"Jake taught me," she replied innocently

I groaned… “I didn't come here for a blow job... ”

Clairese came off and stood, wiggling her panties down over her hips. Then she turned about.

“Want to help me with the snaps?”

My fingers unfastened the retainers and her bra fell away. I'd always wondered what the look of her breasts would reveal. She turned about and I saw two perfect, peach sized tits with hard brown nipples. I leaned over and kissed one, nibbling and savoring at the same time. It had a texture of leather... the areola rippled like goose-bumps beneath my tongue. The smell of her skin held a faint musk making it hard to distinguish the perfume from her natural scent. She tasted tangy, of dried sweat with a dusting of powder.

“Let's get introduced,” Clairese said. There was a note of both eagerness and anxiety in her voice. Normally I might have explored the dichotomy but my passions gained the upper hand. I guided her hips towards the edge of the bed. Her calves caught on the mattress as I reclined us onto the coverlet.

"You don't have to be in such a hurry," she scolded.

“Spread your legs.”

“Yes Sir!” She replied, encouraged on one hand but still anxious about what the union held in store.

Her knees yawned and I positioned my hips, feeling for the sweet spot. She squirmed about, reached out and guided the staff into her vagina. Twisting and shifting she tried to get comfortable as the mushroom shouldered its way inside and began slipping down the channel of her sex.

“Easy big boy,” Clairese implored, chest heaving as she labored to accommodate the entry. It began to slide deeper. The thick girth moved with a wet and rubbery friction.

"Oh my Goodness," she groaned... "Slow down Sweetheart...," Then more emphatically "Ease up! Damn you!"

I fought hard for control as my manhood stretched out, trumpeting its dominion.

She began to plead. "Be gentle Frank, please."

With a supreme exercise of will I tried to slow down as my pecker reached out, straining.

Her breasts heaved in a brave struggled to handle the throbbing sinew of flesh. Buttocks squirmed and stomach heaved as my cock moved, with slips and starts, to the last the limits of her clutch.,

She cried out, trembling. "Oh my Gawd!"

"I'm in," I whispered.

Slowly I felt her body give it up, and the flow of natural secretions began to ooze.

“Relax honey, I’m drawing back.”

She nodded her head and sighed as I began to withdraw… About halfway I stopped and eased once more inside. Her respiration grew heavy as I held her hips pinned to the mattress. Once more I stretched deep, plumbing the depths of her womb. She thrashed and moaned as I worked it relentlessly in and out. Once more I seated the tip and started another long stroke. By this time the wetness was becoming a lather, lubricating her soft tissues.

I paused again… “Is this going to work…?”

Clarisse nodded unconvincingly. In resignation she released her grip on my pelvis, and accepted the command of my hips. Her arms came up and closed around my shoulders. She continued to pant with short halting breaths, fingernails biting into my back.

"We can do this!" She cried, arching up as I thrust deeply once more.

“Oh God,” she groaned… “what a load!”

I chuckled despite myself. There was a note of humor in her protest and I felt some wiggle being evidenced in her intercourse. The worst was past and I knew she was up for what lay ahead.

In and out, back and forth, up and down, our bodies danced to the timeless rhythm of love and with each repetition her eagerness grew as I awaited her climax. It was slow coming and she thrashed feverishly, on my cock. Her buttocks at last began to find a rhythm to our dance, as I worked with a steady beat and unrelenting insistence. Gradually she grew more and more excited. Fatigue was setting in and Clairese seemed unable to climax.

“Give me your sugar, honey.”

Her eyes were glazed as she struggled to comply.

"Crest for me, come on... you can do it..."

“I’m trying,” she pleaded, "honest I am."

"Quit holding out on me, dammit!"

"I'm doing my best..." she simpered.

"I want your pleasure!"

"You have my body," she pleaded.

“Give it up Clairese," My swollen dick throbbed to the pulse of our heartbeats.

"I want to so bad," she moaned.

"Then give it to me you little twit!”

She was sobbing now and my heart softened. My lovemaking became gentler. A tenderness swept over me and I quit urging her on. I could feel her sphincter squeezing and relaxing until suddenly she abandoned all misgivings. In the next instant we surged together. There came a frenzy of thrashing as we flailed about. Her will, now fractured, opened wide and I took the gift she offered.

”Fuck me! Fuck me!” She cried, unable to curb the obscenity.

I unchained the wolf. My erection trembled, and began to thrash wildly inside.

She kipped up on her shoulders, pushing an urgent tangle of hair into my groin.

My hands clutched her buttocks as I came, filling her belly with the hot spit of creation.

"Momma-Mia!" she called out,

"Good Girl!", I answered, hosing her down with impassioned squirts of semen.


Beth sat in the vault, deep beneath the Real Estate Office. Her mood was pensive and she was not looking forward to the videos. The big IBM Mainframe stood silently but for an occasional whirling of a tape.

She drummed her fingers looking at the two discs on the table. The elevator whirred and settled onto its rubber cushions. The door rattled and Clairese stepped out. She came over and quietly began massaging her friend’s shoulders.

“Is it show and tell time?” she asked.

“We had no other choice. Surveillance will have reported our ongoing affairs and Mr. Hardin will be wondering how serious they’re getting.”

“I know,” Clairese replied

“If he concludes there’s a “budding love connection” with Frank and Jake, we’ll find ourselves reassigned elsewhere. I hope these videos are convincing enough to show our behavior was within the protocols.”

“I hope so too,” Clairese answered. “You think this will work?”

“Next month we'll report on our personal lives in the weekly update. These tapes should give some back-up to the argument that we have different men in our lives but nothing serious.

“How did we ever get into this mess?"

“Don’t go there Clairese… the pen has writ and moved on.”

“I suppose we need to review the videos now.”

“We need to be damn sure that nothing compromising was spoken in the “throes.’’”

As Associates, a part of both girls’ early training was installing surveillance cameras. Yesterday they had put them in the hotel rooms prior to exchanging boyfriends. Beth picked up the disc marked FRANK AND CLAIRESE and slid it into the VCR. Ready? She asked, looking inquiringly at her friend.

“What the hell,” came the response in a low voice.

The image of a Clairese entering the room flashed onto the screen. It showed her closing the blinds and turning on the air conditioner. It continued with her undressing.

The audio pickups were well placed.

“It isn’t polite to stare, unless you have something to show in return.”

There were three camera’s sequencing, handing off at five second intervals. The first showed Frank getting undressed. The side camera showed both embracing and the one over the drapes showed an angle from the foot of the bed. They flashed from one to the next, showing Frank and Calirese slow dancing.


“You’re so sweet Frank. I'm sure this will be an occasion we’ll both enjoy… even though it’s not something I’d have considered, without….”

“Without what…?”

“Without Beth’s prompting.”

“Where in Heaven’s name did she come up with this crazy notion?’

“Have some faith, Frank, she knows what she’s doing…”

“Faith? There's nothing left to doubt.”

“If you love her, then show show a little trust? Please don't spoil it."

Beth hit the pause and exploded!

“What the fuck were you trying to do Clairese… ruin everything? Did you go brain dead?”

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” She put her face in her hands. It just blurted out… it was so stupid of me.

Beth put her arm around Clairese, consolingly her friend.

“I’ll edit it out. You were just sticking up for me. Get a grip… How can anyone think clearly with Frank breathing on her boobs?"

Beth pushed the pause button again ant the tape continued.

Audio: “Whatever you say Honey.”

The Video showed them embracing once again.

The audio was crystal clear.

"Beth said you had a big wanger."

Video: Clairese performing oral sex


"Where did you learn to do that?"

"Jake taught me."

“I didn’t come here for a blow job.”

Video: Embracing once more


"Want to help me with the straps?"

“Let's get introduced.”

Video: Frank reclining them onto the mattress.


"Spread your legs."

"Yes Sir! You don't have to be in such a hurry."

Video: Frank entering Clairese


(Grunting noises)

“Easy big boy, Oh my Goodness, Slow down Sweetheart. Ease up, damn you!"

(Simpering sounds)

Video: The two having intercourse


"Be gentle, Frank. Oh my Gawd!"

"I'm in."

“Relax honey, I’m going to draw back.”


“Is this going to work?”

We can do this, Oh God, what a load!" Don’t stop!"

Video: Intercourse becoming more intense as Frank becomes exasperated.


"Give me your sugar, honey. Crest for me, Sweetheart, come on... you can do it..."

“I’m trying, honest I am."

"Quit holding out on me, dammit!"

"I'm doing my best..."

"I want your pleasure!"

"You have my body,"

“Give it up Clairese,"

"I want to so bad,"

"Then give it up, you little twit!”

Video: Both climaxing


”Fuck me! Fuck me!”..."Momma Mia!"

"Good girl."

Video: The two spent, lying on the sheets.

Beth took a deep breath and turned off the recorder. “I give it low marks as a porn flick, but this might be just the ticket we’re looking for.

Clairese looked misty eyed at her friend, “I love you Beth, always have and always will.”

WC 2741
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