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Article/Musing/Rant on just a few problems of what frustrates me about Humankind (Draft)
First piece I have ever written, It was originally meant for just me but I am open feedback. This piece is written from a perspective of a suburban
Australian so please take that into consideration if some things don't apply in your Country

It is said that each person is Unique, So why everyday am I confronted with the same artificial uninteresting people.
The Human race elevate themselves above every other species for intelligence but I truly wonder if we are just deluding
ourselves. Yes, It's true we have achieved many great things - Some terrible, But still truly inconceivable things that
there is no doubt we are probably the most intelligent species on Earth.. Yet for all our intelligence we seem to overlook
huge factors.

Why does no one look at something objectively and form a opinion of their own, They always want to factor in how they will
be perceived by others and they seem to hold little value in truth, deluding themselves into thinking they are some well
adjusted caring person when in reality they are not. A common example of this is when watching the news and a sad story
comes on - Some person was murdered or lost his house and kids. A "well adjusted" person will remark how very sad it is
and that they feel really bad for them but the truth is far from it "feeling bad" or "feeling sorry" for someone is a emotion
particularly a strong emotion and emotions, TRUE emotions , Provoke action ALWAYS. You can't say you feel bad for someone then
the next news piece reels and you heard the Jets won and you forget all about that person. That just stinks of hypocrisy and
makes you one of the many thoughtless drones of the 21st century. Now this may seem to you to be a minor thing but this thought
chain persists on everything from appearance to politics.

While we are still on opinions, Let's talk about Religion and how moronic most of these people are. They align themselves to a
Religion that gives no guarantee or shred of proof that the opinion of a supreme being really exists. Most of these people don't
even choose themselves, Their Father and Mother were Catholics so therefore they are. Which is utterly stupid. Then there are those
that do choose for themselves and are not part time religious folk and follow the Idea they believe in wholly and they worship this
supreme being above all else even though there is War, Disease , Famine , Pain and Suffering (Just to name a few) rampant among our
world. It might be just be me - But if this 'supreme being' let's this go on and his only excuse for it is "Oh yeah you will get trials
in your life to test your character, Like you know - Your Mother will die slowly of Huntington's Chorea losing control of her body and by
the end of it she won't even know who you are. But, It's just to test who you are, So - if you don't snap and kill a bunch of people you can
join me in the Afterlife where you can live eternally without purpose" If this is the 'Supreme beings' idea of character building and trial's
it's not a being worthy of prayer but rather one that we should shun. Religious people, give this a try, Take anything. The sun, The deodorant
can next to you and worship it and pray real hard like you do to this being and I guarantee you will have the same luck (50%) of it answering
your prayers. The thing you worship won't ask you to fill their coffers with money you worked for to fix their churches *wink*, It won't ask
you to restrict your life to archaic rules that are outdated for our current era, You can see it - So there is proof of it's existence, Alot more
going for it than your former Religion I'd bet.

Now we got how stupid the whole concept is out of the way, People don't simply just go about holding on to 'their' beliefs, No.
They force it onto others ridicule and slander anyone that doesn't fit into their beliefs all Religion does is seem to breed animosity, Attract
stupid people and cause problems (Definitely a understatement). Religion has killed more people than Marijuana will yet Marijuana is against
the law and Religion not? Why? Yes Religion does have some good point's (So does Marijuana) if you are a decent person, Which by the way
would be very few if held to my standards, So I can't even begin to fathom a supreme being's standards. You have no need for a religion at all
The way I see it - It's better not to believe at all as there are so many religions that if you were to actually choose one it would probably be the wrong one and
if most of these religions forgive murderers if they truly repent. Then I'm sure it will forgive me for not believing archaic text and rules and limiting
the options in my life through these rules.

Now let's touch on the Human Race's sense of self entitlement and throw in racism somewhere in here because why not?
Now before I'm going to say this beforehand because I know people will jump down my throat, This is from a Australians point of view so your country
might hold different laws if what I say doesn't apply in your country - All for the better.

Where do people get this self entitlement from?
They claim it's so hard to get a job so they get their fortnightly Centrelink payment for doing nothing and then have the audacity to get mad when someone comes over from a poverty stricken country and 'tries' (Key word here) to make a better life for themselves and their family. Why? "Because they are stealing 'our' jobs" and because they may have come here illegally to 'our' country when they should have saved up from their job in their former country,(if they were even lucky enough to have a wage) applied for a Visa and of course came first class. Oh, Then it's completely fine... Wait. What?. Yeah I don't know either. Let's have a example shall we - Something everyone is vaguely familiar with, Iraq. We are not even going to touch on the obvious Oil incentives for the invasion of Iraq or the fact that even the CIA admitted that Iraq was no where near even testing phase for their 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' Iraq had one of the best education systems in the world, After the invasion no longer. Does anyone even care? Most don't even know it had one of the best education systems in the world. Yet we imprison these people from running from a wartorn country where U.S and Australian 'heroes' kill and rape for a paycheck and then call Iraq the terrorists. Which by the way, Some of the detention centres are even worse living conditions than where they came from.

Does simply being born here grant you rights to a job before someone who needs it far more than you? Can no one determine what is right and wrong for themselves? It certainly seems the majority can't, People always feel the need to label everyone. He's black, She's poor, He's ugly or She's not from (insert country here) so therefore they are undeserving or of less priority to help. In the end it shouldn't be about color it should be that we are Human how can we honestly call ourselves good people when someone in America is getting 2 Big Macs, Large chips and Coke for a snack and not 4000 Miles away their is some family dieing of starvation. How can we have a 'justice' system and there is someone hitting lotto for 10 Million dollars and not a mile away their is someone sleeping on the sidewalk? My point of the Article/Musing call it what you will is that we are truly a awful pox of a race and if I had a choice I would rather be anything but Human, We truly don't care about others - Well some do, Some would - but are woefully ignorant and if you are one of these people that convince yourself you are a good person because you don't cuss, you eat all your vegetables and you help people without going out of your way then congratulations you are why I have lost all hope in Humanity.
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